Monday, November 17, 2008

2 months!

Anderson is 2 months old today! To celebrate, after an exhausting morning walk and grueling photo shoot on the couch, he went hog wild on his morning bottle and passed out in my lap. He's still there, with the cat curled up beside him, and if you ask me....this is bliss. A sweet natured, smiley, happy baby. A purring kitty. A gorgeously crisp fall morning in Texas. Life is good.

Tomorrow may be not as blissful. Mister A is due at the pediatrician for his 2 month appointment. My mommyfriends know exactly what this means....shots. Augh. I actually lost sleep last night in anticipation of this. After that horrid antibiotic shot last month, when his face turned an awful shade of red and we sobbed in unison, I'm not looking forward to putting him through that experience again. (Okay, yeah, I'm also not looking forward to putting myself through it either, selfish as that may be. I prefer "empathetic".) Fortunately, J will be along. So if you need me around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, check the bathroom at the pediatrician's office. I'll be in there, plugging my ears and quite possibly crying.

A few photos from yesterday. We enjoyed a leisurely day of church (at our very funkyfresh new church home:, brunch (complete with a mimosa for ma-mama), and shopping (J has seen the light and now shares my Martin + Osa obsession). Mister A was a champ throughout, hanging in his stroller or his Bjorn and takin' in the beautiful Austin day. Good boy, A!
Enjoying the Iron Cactus brunch

Introducing A to a little slice of retail heaven...The Domain

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Monica @ Writer Chic said...

He is getting so big. I'm bummed that those outfits aren't going to work... =( Oh well. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Shots suck. I actually decided today to postpone Seth's 12 mos shots to his 15 months appt, just because we (read I) can't deal with the trauma right before vacation/final move. Ugh.