Wednesday, November 5, 2008

baptismal weekend recap

The good news is, at least the illegals will be licensed to drive. I mean, that's a plus.


The baptism weekend/Andersonorama 2008 was a success! Mr. A was his usual charming self and seemed to enjoy the company of his nearest and dearest- big grins to anyone who looked his way. The baptism was very special- two pews full of people we love, a very touching service, and a pastor who called him Alexander about 105 times (which sent A's mother and Godmother into fits of giggles each and every time). Other than the main event: lots of hanging out, chatting, eating, laughing, baby holding, cat/dog petting, etc. The grandpas kept themselves busy- we've got a newly installed bedroom ceiling fan AND a super convenient garage door opener to show for their toils! (Thanks, Grandpas!) We could have done without the Green Bay and UT losses....but such is life. We deal. The family started their mass exodus late Sunday, and we just dropped mom off at the airport this morning (sniffle, sniffle). We got home and Anderson looked at me like "uh....where's my posse?" It's mighty quiet around here, and we're missing la familia today. I'll conclude with some photos from the weekend. (For some reason I had to crop these, they were jumbo, so some look a little funny.....too tired to care.)

Anderson, Auntie Megs, Uncle Drew

Some pre-baptism Anderson adoring

Anderson and his Godmother Michelle

Enjoying some Grandma time

Michael and Nikki

Project Ceiling Fan: COMPLETE

Testing the weight limit on "big brown"....10 people on, room for more!