Friday, November 7, 2008

just a'workin' on his fitness

He's Fergi-licious.......and his "fitness" is his tummy time! And the past few days, he's getting that head waaaay up there. It inevitably crashes back into the blanket after a few wobbly seconds, but hey, we're getting somewhere- that head, like the rest of our chunky Mr. A, is heavy! He's also mastering the art of following a toy from side to side with his eyes. Uncle Michael gave him a set of VERY fun, bright, rattly toys for his baptism that are being put to good use. Right up there with the vacuum cleaner and our ceiling fan, they seem to be the most interesting things in the house. Way to go, Uncle Michael! (Griffin kindly requests a set of his own for Christmas, because he's having trouble understanding why the baby is playing with toys that look suspiciously similar to but infinitely more fun than his dog toys....)

trying, trying.....

Annnnd....we're UP!

favorite toy

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Anne said...

Adelaide LOVES ceiling fans. They will be a strange couple, but cute.