Thursday, November 27, 2008


The A-man and I made it back to Austin after a long, long day of travel. Very tired, very much in need of a shower to wash away the airplane germs. But above all, so very deeply thankful for so very many things big and small. For my husband, for my son- my two gorgeous, sweet, happy guys who make each day worth waking up for. My mom and papa, my inspiration, my strength, the ones who taught me love. My brother and sister, my partners in crime and my dearest friends always. My FIL, MIL, SIL for their generous hearts and loving spirits, for raising J to be the man he is. My beautiful friends near and (mostly) far, my pets and their endless chaos, my comfortable happy home. Health. Laughter. Safety. Growth. Warmth. 2008, truly a year of so many happy beginnings, the tying up of so many loose ends. I am so truly fortunate in so very many ways, and I am thankful. Thankful for a day that will always remind me of Grandma Rita, her well planned Thanksgiving celebration, her monster cookies, her kiddie tables in back bedrooms. Thankful for the opportunity to love so dearly and strongly our Turkeybaby, due one year ago today, loved always. Thankful to have this life, to be me, to be here.

Thankful. Content. Blessed. Tired.

And of course, missing the family.....Mulligan included.


Crystal said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I loved the pictures of A at the beach. So precious...

I know your 1st EDD was yesterday, so I am a tad late...but I am thinking of you. Its not fair to have these dates on our calenders.

Does it get easier now that you have a baby? I am so happy for Joseph, but Dec. 15 is still looming ahead for me and I am still dreadiing it. And on top of it, I feel guilty about it.

megan jodi said...

what a great picture of Mulligan! Love it! Miss you tons!