Thursday, November 20, 2008

the uglier the better!

Pre-baby, I always wondered how parents put up with all the ugly baby paraphernalia in their house. You know- the primary colored monstrosities covered in stripes and polka dots and animals with smiley faces that you MUST have if you're any sort of decent parent. The activity mat, the bouncy seat, the exersaucer...the list goes on. Well, now I know why it's tolerable. Because it makes your dear, sweet baby make faces like this:

Now that's the face of a baby who is having himself some FUN! I caved today and bought a playmat with a bunch of dangly doo-dads. Not only is it fugly, but it also plays high pitched annoying music guaranteed to cause parental headaches in under a minute! Bonus! But when I placed A on the mat, he appeared suddenly over-caffeinated. Or as my Grandpa would say, "who put the quarter in him"? He spent 30 exhilarating minutes kicking his legs and swinging his arms and cooing enthusiastically at his new plastic friends. He started gasping for air because I'm pretty sure he was so excited he forgot to breathe. It seems the ugly toys make babies very happy. So in turn, I whole heartedly accept the beginning of the ugly baby crap takeover. Because if it makes A happy, it's better than anything a Pottery Barn catalog has to offer.

Here's a video of A enjoying his new toy. Probably snoozeworthy for anyone who isn't his mommy, but clear evidence that he enjoys his new (ugly) playmat.


PS: I've just discovered the other reason parents put up with the ugly baby crap. All the excited baby playtime makes babies very sleepy. And sleeping babies allow tired mommies to read People from cover to cover AND watch Oprah!


Harmony said...

So cute! Love the video! He moves just like Aidan with the arms and the breathing, and it's adorable when he notices the music. He looks like the sweetest little soul :)

Sarah said...

Oh. My. GAWD! He is the cutest thing ever. I'm so glad you posted on my blog--I'd been checking your old one and was so hoping you started a new one. Yea! Aw, congrats--I'm SO glad you got such an easy going little guy (and cute to boot!).

Crystal said...

We made the mistake of buying the bouncer, swing and mobile that were not fugly only to realize they completely sucked! Rich swore we would never have any of that horrible FP rainforest stuff. Well, turns out Joseph loved a friends rainforest guess whats sitting in my family room? But the fact that it buys me 20 minutes to get stuff done is worth the fugliness in my house.

A is so cute!!! Can totally tell how much he loves his new toy!