Thursday, October 30, 2008


Aaahh...Halloween. The time of year for parents to dress up small defenseless babies in funny costumes and take pictures that will come back to embarass the child over and over again throughout the years. I love it! And of course, like any good mother, I'm taking part. This warm, fleecy costume is totally inappropriate for our 82 degree weather, but I couldn't resist a quick backyard photo session with the cutest little Longhorn in all of Texas.

Doesn't he look thoroughly peeved in that first one? Like he's thinking: "Oh, man. If dad only KNEW what my crazy mom was doing to me right now!"

It's been a busy week. We had our first unfortunate/unplanned pediatrician visit when poor Anderson woke up with a crusty eye yesterday morning. He was his normal smiley self, but as it got redder and puffier throughout the morning, I decided a trip to the doctor was in order. At the doctor's, he had his first shot outside the hospital- a big helping of antibiotic that really didn't go over too well. For Anderson OR for mom. Lots of tears, the nurse consoling me as I consoled my screaming monkey. Thankfully, he seems okay today and his eye appears back to normal. Just in time for our big weekend! The family starts flying in tomorrow morning!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

hook 'em

Sunday, Anderson met some new friends- old friends of the in laws, they've known J since he was A's age. The Sneads are MAJOR Longhorn fans. They sent Anderson a baby gift a while back, and as soon as I saw the return address, I knew whatever was inside would be burnt orange and feature a set of horns! A looks oh-so-handsome cheering on the Horns every Saturday in his UT onesies and as he makes very clear in the first photo, he enjoyed getting to know his new friends yesterday. We enjoyed their visit too- they always crack us up, they like margaritas, and they're cat people...and we all know cat people are good people.
A quiet day otherwise. And by quiet, I mean that I've done 3 loads of laundry, ran the dishwasher twice, completed a massive work assignment one handed while the other hand went numb bouncing A in his bouncy chair, cleaned dog puke off the carpet for a half hour, took A on a power walk around the neighborhood against 80mph winds, cleaned out my closet, and fed Mister Anderson what seems like 40 or so bottles. Yes, we're doing our part to stimulate the $26 can of formula at a time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

ALF vs. A.L.F.

Today, a little clarification....

ALF- Alien Life Form, star of 1986-1990 television sitcom:

A.L.F.- Anderson Lee F., future Packer QB, boy genious:

Yes, I get it. Our child's initials spell out "ALF". Hardy har. Yes, we were aware of this when we chose his name. Yes, we know about the TV show. No, we didn't name him after a fuzzy ant eater-esque TV alien (he tried to eat a cat for goodness sake. You think I'd name my kid for a creature that eats CATS?) No, I don't think it's weird. Why? Because to Anderson's generation, ALF will be about as obscure as the Fonz is to my generation- someone we may have heard of if we watched Nick at Night, but not ubiquitous by any stretch of the imagination.

While we're on the topic, he also was not named for Anderson Cooper of CNN fame. As much as I do love me some Anderson C., if we were to name our baby after a talking head on a cable news show, he would surely be called "Suze Orman F" because she. rocks. those. jackets. Or maybe "O'Reilley Factor F". Because we're crazy like that. But no, baby A is not named after Anderson Cooper. If you're still confused about the origin of A's name, scroll down a few posts to "memory lane". That should clear things up.

That's all. The ALF comments were funny at first. Until today, when the Border's clerk played an (uninitiated, somewhat creepy) game of 20 questions with me, asking when Anderson was born, where he was born, how much he weighed, whether I had an epidural (yes...seriously...I was pretty sure her next question would be what color my undies are and whether she could have my social security number), and the baby's full name. THEN she looked at my in shock as if she were the first to realize and break the news to me that his initals spelled "ALF"...I'm kind of over it. And seriously. My initials are MLF. Thanks to Stifler's mom, that's not much better. We'll be sure to make Baby #2's initials ELF. Just, as they say here in Austin, to 'keep it weird'.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

happy list

A list of things that make me happy today:

1) It's FALL! Today anyway, as tomorrow is forecasted to be a 83 degree day. But today, there's a crisp feeling in the air, the leaves are falling, and Anderson and I required JACKETS when we went strolling today. And I have on SOCKS!

2) Mary Kate and Ashley are on Oprah. And I'm excited. Because I'm a colossal nerd, I guess. I hope Mary Kate shows up looking like she's showered recently, not like a homeless bag lady.

3) In about a week, the majority of our very favorite people are ALL coming to Austin! A is being baptized November 2, and since he is one popular boy, he has alllll the following coming to see him: two sets of grandparents, an auntie and her boyfriend, an uncle and his girlfriend, AND his very special godmother and godfather...and two turtledoves and a partridge. But no pear tree. Anyway, we are super excited to have so many of our loved ones together in one place to celebrate A's christening. And since most of these loved ones are flying in on Halloween night (on 7 seperate flights from all over the US), A will get lots of use out of his superbly adorable Halloween costume. He will be the cutest little barnyard cow in the world. Or at least at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

4) I'm brunette again! Photos to follow on a day when I am properly made up, not that anyone cares since it's all about A..... But I love my new natural, fall shade.

5) A's smile. Can you tell we are OBSESSED with him smiling? He's all about practicing his new trick, and will respond to any happy, cooing voice with a big crooked grin. During his middle of the night feeding, he spit his bottle out at one point and when I started talking to him, by the light of our nightlight I saw him smile the biggest goofy smile. And I cried. Who knew how happy a toothless smile could make a person at 2am?

6) The following snapshots from our walk today......

"Yaaaay! A walk! I'm sooo excited!"

"That walk was hard work."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Anderson has been one smiley little monkey today- see how refreshing a 6 hour stretch of sleep at night can be, A? I just finally caught one of his super adorable smiles on camera. After that sneeze was out of the way, of course. Just ignore the annoyingly high pitched baby talk going on in the background and focus on the baby, please.


And now: "disgusting mommyhood lesson #10: dispose of the stinkies properly". Mister Anderson has a knack for doing his...ahem..."big jobs" in the car- impeccable timing, dear boy. And I always end up changing him in the back of our SUV instead of using those bacteria-ridden changing stations inside of public restrooms- seriously- tell me the last time you saw a store employee in there scrubbing one down with sanitizer? Anyone? Bueller? That's right, never. They are NEVER cleaned. I gag. A's little patootie won't be going near one of those things- ever- if his super germaphobic mother has her way. Anyway, where was I? So Sunday, we changed a dirty diaper in the Petsmart parking lot, tied it in a bag, and left it in the car to remove when we got home. (Gross, right? But there were no garbage cans, and a litterbug, I'll never be. I don't mess with Texas, or any other state for that matter.) Except, when we got home, we had Petsmart bags and grocery bags and a stroller and a sleepy little bambino to haul inside. That dirty diaper in the bag was hidden underneath a blanket, forgotten. Fast forward a few days, and we're off to run an errand. I open the car door and get a whiff of what smells like a dead animal. An animal has died, in my car, and cooked in our 80+ degree garage for a day and a half. Further investigation proved a dead animal it was not, but that a stinky diaper is right up there on the list of atrocious smells. I'm hoping a few days with the windows rolled down will get the stench out of our poo-mobile.

Off to check on my pot roast. Yes, I'm making a pot roast. AND I showered today. I might even whip out the vacuum later. Just call me June Cleaver.

Monday, October 20, 2008

memory lane

Yesterday, I started getting a teensy tiny bit paranoid about how much everyone thinks Anderson looks like Jonathan. Surely, Monkey inherited something of mine. The eyes are J, the ears are J, the hair looks to be J, the superchill persona is J. I was in the operating room, but since I didn't actually see Dr. S remove this kid from my body, I wanted proof that he is, indeed, genetically related to me. I did all the work! I gave up sugar and carbs and walked my big fat self around the 'hood to keep that stupid blood sugar in check! I fought with heartburn that sent vomit up my throat and endured his big (adorable) baby butt in my tiny lady ribs for those never ending last 2 months! All J did was...well, never mind that. I sorted through a bunch of old photos I had on the computer and what I discovered is that in reality, he actually resembles my sister. Hmph. I give you Exhibit A:

She's the tiny one in the middle. If you squint, you'll see the likeness. I guess that if baby A may not look a whole lot like his mama, looking like my (adorable) sister is close enough. But then the photo made me cry, because holding A's lookalike auntie Megan is my much loved, much missed Grandma Rita. It was in her honor (and her parents'- that's her father Leon, my Great Grandpa Anderson, on the left) that baby Anderson was named. We lost Grandma a few years ago, and when we got around to talking names, I knew I wanted to honor her somehow. Rita didn't have a very masculine ring to it, and would have guaranteed he'd be shoved into his locker on a regular basis in junior high, so Grandma's maiden name fit the bill. I wish she were here to enjoy him, to roll up in her motor home with the afghan she made.

Anyway....moving on down memory lane....

Then I found this jewel. And laughed until I almost peed my pants.

We're at a family wedding here and seriously, could we look like we are having ANY more fun? Could we be any less photogenic at this very moment? So typical: I'm showing off, hamming it up. Megan's lost in Meganland, and sporting a mighty fine pair of bobby socks. Michael's putting on the shy act that was pretty much the norm until he became Zac Effron. And mom and dad, they're just keepin' it real, probably wondering why they didn't stick us with a sitter and run.

Side note: gotta love the floral theme going on in the above portraits. Floral couch, floral wall hangings, floral arrangment and tiny floral music box on the coffee table, floral dresses on all three of the Aus's enough to make you want to poke your eyeballs out, no?

Finally, can I just say how my heart goes out to those parents whose babies regularly keep them up all hours of the freaking night? (And how I pray to GOD that A doesn't flip a switch and become that baby regularly keeping us up at all hours of the night?) We saw every hour on the clock last night, and the bags under my eyes today go to prove it. Anderson was hungrier than usual, fussier than usual, and totally unwilling to be any more than 6 inches from his mama or his daddy at any given moment. Even still, as I laid there in the darkness at 3am, a tiny set of feet kicking right at my still semi-tender incision site as he sucked down bottle #19 of the night, I felt so content, so thrilled that this is really my life. Being this kid's mom is the best, whether he looks like me or not. Even in the dark at 3am. And the bags under the eyes, I can live with. Nothing some concealer and my favorite Kors shades can't handle.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a quick one

Just a few photos today, not much time to write since naptime is drawing to a close and I better have food ready and waiting. When Mr. A wakes up, Mr. A wants food. Failure to provide food in a timely manner (aka, 5 seconds or less) results in pitiful cries and a matching pitiful look that says " suck!"

Mimi visited yesterday, and A enjoyed his Mimi time. (Mimi, by the way, is J's mom, Grandma F.) She came baring loads of baby goodies AND J's very favorite hometown chili (thanks, Mimi!) and was in awe of how much little A resembles her own little J as a baby. Here's A chilling with his Mimi:

And to prove that having a baby doesn't mean you're not still obsessed with your fur-kids and their cuteness, here's the ever-adorable Ralph Englestad and his homeboy, George Dubya. Ralph's scowling as usual. The Petsmart trip, much like yesterdays ill fated post office trip, is long delayed. He wants his damn wet food, and he wants it now. He was neither fooled NOR impressed by my lame attempt to trick him by filling his bowl with wet dog food. Sorry, R. And George, our "special/slow" kitty, is still just trying to figure out what exactly the baby is and why he's not allowed to sleep on it. Or eat it. Because if it can't be slept on or eaten, George just doesn't understand it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

1 month!

Anderson is one month old! I seriously don't know where time has gone. Wasn't it just a few days ago that I was big and huge and begging him to come OUT already? So eager to see his little face that I couldn't sleep (the heartburn didn't help either) or concentrate on anything not baby related? This month has gone by all too quickly, but as sad as it is to pack up the newborn clothes (yes....this happens at 4 weeks when your baby is a sumo wrestler in the making), it's so fun to see him growing and changing and learning new things every day.

We started off the day with a long overdue trip to the post office, since I had 4 packages and a stack of thank you notes gathering dust on the dining room table. Well, Mr. Anderson gave me about five minutes to get my business done, then he was over the whole patience thing. He made an impressive scene for such a little baby. People think babies are realllllly cute- when we walked in the postal patrons turned and smiled at the little one tucked in his car seat carrier....until the cute little baby emits steady, high pitched shrieks in the ridiculously long and slow line in the packed post office. (Seriously? ONE guy working? Hello?)'s not so cute. People then turn their attention to the mom of said screeching baby and glare. Like I'm pinching him or enjoying his misery as I'm rushing and sweating and dropping things in my haste to get the hell out of there and into the car. So, who knows if I accomplished anything. There's a strong likelihood that Jenny in Minneapolis will receive the box intended for Kim in Fargo, so little attention I paid to which label was stuck onto which package. Good times. Lesson learned- do the post office trips solo.

Anyway, happy 1 month to Anderson! He's all cleaned up and ready for a visit from his Mimi!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i'm old

I have a very clear memory of sitting in the back seat of the family car, riding somewhere with dad, as he rocked out to Bob Seger. I was probably 10 years old, my favorite tune around that time would have been Bart Simpson's "Do The Bartman" (followed by his sister Lisa singing the blues....that was one hot record, I tell ya). My taste in music was immature, but I could tell you one thing- 70's-era rock was NOT COOL. My dad, singing along to "Night Moves" or popping in his Eagles cassette tape, was tragically clueless. I remember looking at my sister and telling her we'd never be so uncool.

Fast forward 17 years. Anderson was having a fussy moment. We're usually tuned into a calming XM station during the day (The Message is a favorite), but given A's restlessness, I wanted something we could get up and dance around to. So I tuned into "90s on 9". And there I was, holding little A in my arms, belting out Meatloaf. Yes, Meatloaf- "I Would Do Anything For Love", to be exact. (The exact song that was playing back in 1993 as I shared my very first dance with a boy, the dreamiest boy in the whole 7th grade, FYI. He later gave me lizard earrings as a token of his affection then dumped me via a folded up note passed along at lunch. Anyway....) As I'm stumbling through the semi-familiar lyrics, swaying around and raising my voice on the girl parts and lowering it on the boy parts, I looked down at A and stopped in my tracks.......I'm the geeky parent! I'm the adult jamming out to a song that was cool nearly 20 years back, back when bangs were high and Aqua-Net encrusted, when the size of your Esprit bag was in direct proportion to the amount of your coolness. And A, as soon as he gets old enough to collect his thoughts, is going to think I'm a huge dork for my embarassing infatuation with 90s tunes. For a moment I felt sad at my elderly-ness....but then "Step By Step" came on (NKOTB! OMG!) and I decided to just rock on with my dorky self. It was cool in my day. And someday, 20 or so years from now, A will dig it. Just as I now feel all warm and nostalgic when Bob Segar comes on, cranking it up and enjoying a happy memory of hanging with my (very cool, despite what my 10 year old self thought) papa.

1 month tomorrow. Unbelievable. Time is flying by! I'll post a picture of the most adorable 1 month old in the whole wide world tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

remembering, growing

Today, October 15, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Each year, nearly a million families lose a baby to pregnancy loss or stillbirth. In honor of those families, and in honor of our beloved angel babies, we'll be participating by lighting a candle tonight at 7:00pm. The goal is to create a "wave of light" around the world in memory of these babies. If you think of it, take a minute this evening to light a candle of your own and participate in this event. Unfortunately, I know so very many women who have experienced loss, and I know how important it is to honor those losses, to cherish the memory of life, no matter how brief it was- it was real and it mattered. Today I honor our first two babies, remember the sweet moments I did share with them, and hope that they'll always know how loved they are.

Also in the news today, Anderson is 4 weeks old. But not a month old. That's right, despite traditional thought, 4 weeks does not equal a month. Go figure. Anyway, our very chunky monkey has been with us for 4 weeks already! He had a check up yesterday, and is weighing in at a very healthy 11lb, 2 oz. His weight and head measurements put him in the 90th %....but his height, a very average 50%. So while he may not be proportionate just yet, and we hope he eventually grows out of the "short and squat" category- he is thriving and healthy as can be. The coolest thing we learned is that he is starting to throw "real" smiles around. It's not gas! The doctor said so! I knew he looked way too happy when he flashed that gummy grin to just be passing gas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

a change of pace

In my past life (aka: pre-Anderson), I ran on high speed. Not a hyperactive speed, but just a steady clip. I was all about multi-tasking, planning, scheduling my day. Now....the pace has changed. As I sat this morning feeding A, I realized yet another way this little guy has changed life at our house. We're slower, more relaxed, less controlled. One task at a time. Feeding time is just that. Time to sit, cuddle, and let the little man eat. No TV, no internet, no thinking about what comes next....just a time to sit and watch his little cheeks puff in and out, to giggle at his sighs of contentment. To sit and think about how lucky we are to have him, how happy life is in contrast to last year at this time when everything was unsure, unsteady. The house has looked prettier, his mom has looked more put together, his dad has been better rested.....but none of it matters.

Megan and Michael left, despite my best efforts to bribe them to stay indefinitely. Bummer! We enjoyed our time together so much, and I feel so blessed to have such sweet, funny, generous siblings. People who think the word "boo-jers" is as hilarious as I do. People who don't flinch at some baby puke on their clothes. That's love. Love you guys!
Saying goodbye to Auntie Megs

Hanging with Uncle Michael/Binky

Anderson sandwich

I'm really not a circus midget....I swear

Saturday, October 11, 2008

meeting uncle michael


Anderson met his favorite (okay, only) uncle last night!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

a big day

Anderson has had a big day! We diverted from his usual schedule of napping, dog walking, eating, and napping again- and we're exhaaaaausted! First, he met his Auntie Megan (FINALLY) bright and early this morning at the airport. We were all so excited, and captured Megan's first look at her nephew on sweet:


Later, we met his new cousin Chloe. They don't look really sure about one another quite yet, but hopefully in time, they'll be good buddies. She's only 12 days younger, but Anderson looks massive in comparison! Here they are getting aquainted:

Then, Chloe decided to try to snack on Anderson's shoulder:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yawn.....typical Sunday afternoon.
Football and naps.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

saturdaying with a

Don't tell his daddy, but A and I spent the bulk of the morning hours watching Project Runway. I was weeks behind and afraid if I didn't catch up on my favorite guilty pleasure soon, I'd never get to it. Since A was content and happy to lay in my lap and snooze, and since it's a Saturday (Saturdays = okay to be in sweats at noon drinking Diet Dew and catching up on Project Runway), I indulged. What did I learn? When designing rock and roll, go big, or you will indeed go home. Referring to oneself in the third person (Suede?) gets old around episode 2- avoid. Throwing snarky glances at Ms. Nina Garcia, queen of snarky glances herself, won't win you any fans (Kenley, enough already). Anyway, I think A liked his first taste of Project Runway. When he did open his adorable little steel blue eyes, he glanced toward the screen, then back at me, and I could almost hear him saying "mom....did that lady REALLY just try to pass a floral blouse off as hip hop gear? Puhleeeease!"

I spend a lot of time these days (seriously- like, hours) staring at A and thinking how absolutely amazing it is to be his MOMMY. I'm someone's MOM. I'm still wrapping my head around the "Anderson's mom" monicker- I heard the pediatrician refer to me as such and it took a minute to realize who the heck she was talking about. Me! I just feel so very fortunate to share in this little man's life with J, and even more fortunate to be in the wonderful position to spend my days with him. Our schedule is up to A. If he's awake, we play, we stroll, we swing, we chat. If he's sleepy, we cuddle. If he's screaming like he's on fire, we watch the cats run for cover and try to figure out what he's needing before the screeching turns desperate (which happens increasingly quickly these days- showing shades of mommy's temper, are we, A?) And every day, I feel better able to understand, to begin to know instinctively what he needs or wants. I'm not into the baby books that try to tell us to adhere to a schedule, that caution not to spoil or insist that if he's not in his crib by day 3, we'll awaken 13 years from now with a middle schooler wedged between us in bed. He's two weeks old. He was thrust out of his cozy little home into the big bright world against his will such a short time ago, and if he wants to nap cuddled against our chests, he's owed that comfort if you ask me. He won't be tiny and cuddly for long, I'm warned by the other moms, so we're just going to eat up every snuggly moment we can for now. Have I mentioned how heart-meltingly adorable it is to watch J snuggle his "Monkey"? He gets home from work, calms the dog, and dashes upstairs to steal him away from me. And in those moments when I at long last could enjoy a shower or clean the kitchen or do one of the other hundred things I didn't get done all day long.....I'm much more content to sit beside them and take in the cozy cuteness of J and his clone catching up at the end of a long day. Sigh. Tell me, what could possibly be better than that?

A's stirring, time's up! OH- his photos are up on the photographer's website:
click on "clients"
password "anderson"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

rub a dub

Reasons the family members are happy today:
1) J took a day off work!
2) Well, we've got this adorable baby.....
3) It's OCTOBER! This means that sometime in the next 31 days or so, we MAY see a day with a high temp lower than 90 degrees. When said day arrives, we'll promptly dig our our socks, don our North Face fleeces, and whine about how chilly we are.
4) Tonight, at long last, Friday Night Lights returns! We're obsessed with Coach Taylor & Co. Here's hoping this season steers clear of the lame "Landry murders a rapist" type drama.
5) Anderson took a bath! And LIKED it! Since his boogery looking cord stump fell out a few days ago, we were eager to get him in the tub for the first time. As A is not usually one to love the whole "naked as a jay bird" (thanks mom for that term) business, I was doubtful that this bath thing would go over really well. But.....he liked it! No tears, no fussiness, and even a smile or two. Yeah, yeah, newborns don't smile. But I like to believe A does......anyway, enjoy the bathtime cuteness.

First Bath, October 1. 2 weeks old:


Clean baby, happy baby:


Saturday, September 20. Anderson comes home on his due date. Something about packing him up and loading him in our car made this whole thing seem very real. They were letting us take him home?! No nurses to watch our every move? No instruction manual? They do realize we haven't done this before, right? Yikes! Good luck, kiddo!

First car ride:

Eyes on the road, daddy!

Here we are!

That sun is BRIGHT!

Boy meets animals:

the story of A

It's only been two weeks, but I already look back at our first minutes and hours with A and am so in awe of it all. We knew we would love him, we knew we would be happy....but I can say with all honesty I was blown away by how absolutely amazed I was by the 8lb, 15oz baby who was laid in our arms that day. After the longest year and a half of my life, our journey felt, at last, complete.

We left our house at 8am that Wednesday morning. So typically Texas- warm and sunny even at that hour. As I waited outside the hospital entrance for J, mom, and dad to park their cars in the parking ramp, I sat and thought how huge this moment was. My last moments as just me, our last moments before parenthood. The last time I'd be outside before my dream finally came true, before I would finally be the tired new mommy wheeled to her car with new babe in arms. I felt A wiggle in my belly and felt a lump in my throat- for as tumultuous and stressful as pregnancy had been for me, this moment felt sacred- the very final private moments between mother and son before he joined the world, became his very own person seperate of me.

Despite Dr. S's reputation for chronic lateness, he walked into the hospital right on time- 11am. We were on! We met him in the hallway, and at this moment, I realized this was real. I was having this baby. A handshake for J, a big hug for me, and he and the nurse took us down the hall, into the elevator, and toward the OR. I'd been calm all morning- reflective, happy, excited. But as my bed was pushed into the OR, panic set in. They were about to chop my body in half. There was a needle coming toward my back. Bright lights. Cold OR. Moments later, they brought J in, and all was right again. I looked into his (semi-panicked) eyes and I felt calm again. Then came Dr. S, surgery began, and in what seemed like seconds I hear everyone on the "business side" of the curtain exclaim as they get their first look at baby A's head- "SO BIG!" Dr. S assures me at this point we'd made the right decision with the c-section, and tells us our baby is about to be out! This was the first point where I truly felt 100% confident that our baby had made it. He was okay, he was alive, he was strong and real and ours to keep. My body, this time at last, had figured it out. I let go of the fears at very long last and just sobbed and sobbed, then laughed and laughed, then repeated the process over and over. Tears poured into my ears, I couldn't breathe through the sheer happy deleriousness of it all. And finally, screeches. Screams. Frantic newborn shrieks. A sound I'll never forget, a moment of such proudness and joy. Dr. S held him high for us to see, and I remember thinking how HUGE he was, how positively gorgeous, how REAL! J's face so proud and happy, less terrified now and more awed. Our baby boy had arrived!

First photo of mother and son:

First photo of father and son:

The excited grandparents getting their first look:

Just a few hours old:

Meeting Grandma and Papa:

the beginning

September 17, 2008.


Welcome to the world, sweet Anderson Lee.