Monday, March 9, 2009

belly's up

Eek!  A's crawling attempts are progressing.  Until now, his (seriously plump) belly has served as an anchor of sorts, so he'd just lay there and wiggle and squirm, flailing his arms and legs.  Today, we have liftoff.  He figured out how to get his belly off the ground, and it made me very excited and very scared at the same time.  I mean, I know crawling is good.  It puts him one step closer to being able to fetch me Diet Cokes.  But it also means he's growing up, gaining independence, becoming less of a baby and more of a big boy.    

My little man getting a little closer to mobility....


Kaden said...

OMG! It won't be long now, he's determined!

Anne said...

Wow! He is doing so great! Very advanced.