Monday, March 16, 2009

cart rider

We were those parents at the store yesterday.  I say we.  Some (read: J) might argue it was just me.  Whatever.  Anderson took his first cruise in the big boy seat of the shopping cart.  Nestled in the big boy germ-blocking oh-so-homely cart cover, of course.  I used to see moms using those things and cringe, but usually because the user was also rocking mom jeans.  (Which, I assure you, I was NOT wearing at the store yesterday, nor do I or will I ever even own mom jeans, for that matter.)'s the cart cover or the billions of lurking grocery store germs, and since somebody told me grocery stores are second only to hospitals in the abundance of germs....cart cover it is.  And I brought the camera.  And took like 20 pictures.  At the grocery store.  (In my non-mom jeans, remember, I've got that going for me.)  I accept the fact that I'm a huge nerd in my excitement over this occasion.  

Anyway, he was one happy child in his new seat.  And he was one popular child as well.  The deli counter guys, the old ladies in produce, the wine rep in the wine department- everyone just had to say hello.  And he just grinned back, clearly aware that he was doing something different and exciting, and more than happy to bask in all this attention.  

No more Bjorn for this guy, he's moving on up!  (And despite some bittersweet feelings I have on that matter, my back thanks him.  He's heavy.)
In hindsight, I'm recognizant of the fact that maybe the adult beverage department wasn't the best choice of backdrops.

Tomorrow.....our boy A turns 6 months old.  1/2 a year under his belt. (If he wore a belt.  Which he doesn't, just like I don't wear mom jeans.  Ahem.  Where was I....)  I can hardly believe it's been 6 months since this boy blessed our lives so richly with his sweetness.  Tune in tomorrow for his 6 month photo.  (Or as A's very funny Grandpa calls it, the "mug shot".)


Crystal said...

Those are super cute pictures. The cart cover is a must - especially if you have a kid who likes to chew on the cart, like mine. Our grocery store trips became signigicantly longer once he was in the cart seat because everyone wanted to stop and talk to him. Get used to it - everyone is going to eat him up!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Those are the best shots. I love that you took the first one in the wine section. Way to go, you non-Mom-jeans-wearing super madre! ;)

Lisa said...

Very cute! He is adorable. Happy six months to him and to you, Mommy! :)

Anne said...

King is eagerly anticipating the 6 month mug shot, as am I. Have I mentioned yet that King LOVES your blog? He even downloaded each month picture so we could watch them in a slideshow to see how Anderson has changed. We like to keep a close eye on Adelaide's betrothed.