Thursday, March 12, 2009

did he do it?

Because I promised it, and because this is supposed to be one of those sappy happy mommy blogs, I'll start with the A goodness.  In the first few seconds of this video, I swear he took his first tiny (itty bitty teeny weeny) crawls.  Maybe not deliberately, and I'm not really up on my crawling technicalities....but I do think he may have done it.  I didn't even NOTICE until I played the video back, so obscenely tired am I.  

If you're not one of A's grandparents or aunties, you can probably stop watching at 10 seconds.  Not much happening after that point.
I'd also like to point out A's super adorable new pajamas, courtesy of Mimi.  They are so cute they're damn near dangerous- I just want to eat him up in these jams.  And the beloved monkey blankie- Grandma Kiki's doing....those grandmas have impeccable taste.  Thanks, moms.  ALSO, just don't look at the pile of wires underneath the console table.  They're part of the "TV mounting project that shall never end".  Seriously.  

You know what I just LOVE?  Four hour windows.  You know- "the tech will be there between noon and four, so please waste your whole day sitting around, he'll be there at 3:59 just when you've given up all hope of his arrival".  We had a four hour window today, so I spent most my afternoon scared of the doorbell ringing (because if you've been paying attention, NOTHING good has happened after the doorbell rings this week).  Who were we waiting on today, you ask?  The security company.  The one who made a tiny boo-boo installing our system yesterday.  A boo-boo that resulted in a blaring alarm at 3am.  My, was that fun.  I calmed down considerably when J came home from work last night, and somewhere around 2:50am, I was calm enough to sleep.  For 10 minutes.  Then the alarms and all kinds of unsettling chaos at a very inopportune hour as the rain poured and the wind blew.  Just your average horror movie opening scene.  The dark and stormy night....alarm crying....  

I really wish I'd just get over this and move on, but it's just not that easy.  It's all a little tougher because I've got an innate tendency to paranoia.  I used to stay on my grandparents' farm as a kid.  They're in rural North Dakota, the kind of place where you leave the keys in the car, the doors unlocked, the kids play outside from dawn 'til dusk without surveillance (this was the case in the mid-80s, at least).  But during my visits, as much as I loved every single happy daytime spoiled-rotten moment on the farm....the darkness of those country nights scared me silly.  I'd creep out of bed when I knew my grandpa had retired for the night and lock all the doors, double checking that I didn't forget the patio door.  I think I lectured them once or twice about taking the keys out of cars.  I was like seven, mind you.  So anyway, all that to say that I was a scaredy cat before this, and I'm a little worried that I'll now be seriously obsessive.  All because a couple of thugs would rather steal our hard earned belongings than work to buy their own.

And you know what's ironic?  Today is our two year anniversary in this house.  Not that I'd usually put a party hat on my house and buy it a cake, but I'm feeling especially un-festive on this particular house-iversary.   


Anne said...

Mandie, he is SO CLOSE!! I would be willing to say that those teeny knee movements are in fact crawling (not that I am an expert either). Batten down the hatches, that kid is ready to move!

LittleT said...

He is almost there - you can tell he wants it really bad! How annoying about the alarm system malfunction, hopefully the repair man got it all straightened out so you can sleep tonight.

Amy J. said...

Yep, it won't be long now - Logan did the exact same thing! A is so cute - you know he knows what he wants to do and is so frustrated because he just can't make it happen yet!

BTW, we have the same Monkey See blanket. It's my absolute fave!