Monday, March 2, 2009

eating with auntie

Auntie Megan's here!  A was very pleased to see a new face this morning.  It's got to get old looking at the same old mug (mine) day after day after day.  She took over afternoon feeding duties, and judging by this ecstatic grin, she did well.  (There was an "apples up the nose" incident, but that happens....)

We're having a superb time doing absolutely NADA.  (Well, other than a nice long walk around the 'hood this morning and a whole lotta baby playing.)  But tonight.  Oh, tonight.  What's tonight?  Only THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER.  For real.  The finale of the Bachelor!!  At last!  Melissa or Molly?  We've prepared guac and brownies for the Bachelor Watching Party (of two), and will be waiting with bated breath to see whether the internet chatter proves accurate....or if we've once again been fooled by Chris Harrison & Co. when they promise drama and deliver three hours of flashbacks and tearful deliberation, a super cheesy seaside proposal, then a confirmation the next day that the couple is O-V-E-R, leaving us swearing "never to watch another stupid episode of this stupid show".  Until next season.  

At least we KNOW the guac will be good.


Harmony said...

Oh my God, A's little teeth are killing me! So damn cute :) We're still waiting for Aidan's. Enjoy The Bach tonight, should be good!

sarah said...

Aw, A is SO adorable. Love that big grin.

Wasn't the Bach great?! Love the drama. Tonight should be interesting too. One of my husband's clients works with Molly at Kohls corporate and said she's getting ready to put in her notice (guess she's moving to Seattle?). Good stuff. ;)

Anne said...

Look at those teeth!

Kaden said...

I bet the guac was the best part of the night! YUM-O!!! Love those teeth A!