Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i'm skerred

No, dear friends, not more burglars.  Perhaps even scarier: a 6 month old and a flight departing just after bedtime.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Or yes, I do.  I was thinking how FUN it's going to be to see my familia and relax on the OC beach.  I was also thinking this flight was our only option because it's the only direct flight between my fair city and theirs.  And now that the dear boy is bigger, his things are bigger, his NEEDS are bigger, we've got a whole lotta stuff to lug to California.  Departing one plane to connect to another and hauling myself, dear baby, and all our assorted accouterments all the way across the ginormous Dallas airport just wasn't going to cut it, unless I had a) help or b) access to 'roids.  That's a negatory on both counts, good buddy.  So the 5:55pm flight it was.

And now, I'm scared.  Because I've never dared keep little A out past his bedtime.  It's a bit of a drag checking out of life by 5pm each evening (no walks with the neighbors, no dinner out) but it keeps the wee one happy, so we abide.  And tonight, I'm thinking one of two things are going to happen:

#1: Mister Anderson, lovely sunny chap he is, will chug his bottle during takeoff and drift to dreamland, remaining in his peaceful slumber all across the southwestern US.  My airplane seat neighbors (none of whom will reek of booze or old lady perfume) will beam approvingly at our serenity and tell me how my baby's the most wonderful, sweet, calm baby they've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  We'll land, he'll wake, stretch, and smile at his admirers, and we'll be on our merry way.  And my hair will look pretty.

#2: HE'S GOING TO BE INSANE.  Berserk. Maniacal. I'm going to be "that mom".  The one helplessly holding the screaming tike, blood pressure through the roof, averting the eyes of the other travelers.  I'll long for a strong boozy drink but have my hands too full to attempt to drink a drink, and drinking strong boozy drinks is probably not the most appropriate of behaviors for a mother traveling solo with her child, anyway.  I'm regretting all those stink-eye looks I might have thrown the way of screaming babes in my pre-mommy days.  I'm sorry, you hear that karma?  I said I'm sorry! 

I'm also a little scared that my suitcase, which seems to have shrunk by half since my last trip, is going to EXPLODE.  It's sit-on-it-to-zip-it full.  I thought I was packing light, but half of Mister A's things found their way into my suitcase when his bag filled.  I'm not even taking hair spray.  Or my favorite hoodie.  All so Mister A can have his ocean sound machine and his most favorite toy.  Self sacrifice, the truest confirmation of motherhood.

All that said, I AM SO EXCITED!  To see my mama, my papa, my baby sister.  The pets, the beach, a birthday margarita.  A fun sisterly road trip, LA, Chelsea Lately.  So excited.  So even if tonight goes down in the books as "motherhood low point numero uno", it's all worth it.  

Adios Austin, adios 27th year on Earth, adios pets who I love dearly but who are driving me mad more often than not, adios J who I already miss way too much.  We're off!  And hoping for option #1......

Ready to go!


Sara said...

You and Anderson will both do great, I know it!! And even if not, I'm sure California can cure any lingering black clouds that have gathered around your head (and your hair that managed to stay pretty).

Have a fantastic time!

Andrea said...

Good luck! You'll do great! If nothing else fails, ask the flight attendant for 2 plastic cups- they kept my son entertained for a while!

And where did you get the cute bag with his name on it??

Harmony said...

OMG -- he is SO cute in front of that suitcase, and love the outfit :) Have fun, I am jealous!

Jackie said...

Mandie- I promise nothing can be as bad as flying with me. Just ask Robbie- you will be fine!

LittleT said...

Just keep saying to yourself "I will never see these people again"...and hope that it's the truth!! Good luck to you and Mr. A!!! And Happy Birthday a day early!

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so cute in those pants. Good luck! I hope it's option # 1 and happy early birthday!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

You're such a dork for posing A for this picture. ;) xoxox

Happy early bday, and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

For what it's worth, I'm doing a 3 hour flight sans Jim around Mother's Day -- so, wiggly, walking, 17 month old at 23 weeks pg. Hmm. I'll pray for you, you pray for me, and if we both have disastrous flight....we'll go for the "'roids" next time. ;)

Lily Kate said...

Have fun in CA! I'm sure you got option #1! He is getting so big-LOVE his little bag-is it PB? Have a great trip and have a birthday Margarita for me! Love you! Megs & Lily

Mandie Lane said...

Thanks for the support, yall! See the new post....it was a total success. And I promise there was no Benadryl involved.

Andrea: the bag is Pottery Barn Kids. :)