Saturday, March 7, 2009

more auntie loving

This boy has the coolest aunties.  And they sure do love their boy!

Auntie LaLo, better known as Lauren, came to visit today.  (Papaw too, but I didn't get a photo with him.)  A enjoyed seeing them soooo much that he decided not to nap, but surprisingly the boy remained good natured and charming as ever.  I enjoyed the company very much too.  Lauren's got a wedding coming up and it was very fun to chat flowers and cakes and dresses.  And admire the very sparkly jewel, of course.  Come back soon!  Just don't call me S-O-B or break my trees!

In other news, Austinites, please be careful when using to decide what to wear before leaving the house.  Make sure you type in a-u-s-T-I-N.  Otherwise something crazy might happen.  Like you end up inadvertently viewing the forecast for Austerlitz, NY, and getting yourself all excited about the very chilly, cloudy, 56 degree day.  In your giddiness, you might put on your Ugg boots and grab a scarf, only to get outside and realize it's 80 degrees, cuss out for its' idiocy, come back in the house to recheck the forecast, and realize it was most definitely user error.

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Anne said...

It was 58 in Chicago on Thursday and I wore flip-flops. It's all a matter of perspective.