Friday, March 20, 2009

not so normal

You know how you know you're a little bit crazy?

You take your cat to the park.  And tie him to a tree.  And when a Realtor listing a home in your neighborhood approaches and asks your permission to photograph this embarrassing scene, you allow it.  I don't know why he'd want to photograph a cat tied to a tree at a park for his new listing, because if I were house shopping, I'd probably avoid a home where my neighbor would be the type of person to take her cat to the park.  And tie it to a tree.  

Even A thought this was a little crazy, and we're talking about a kid who regularly eats sweet potato through his nose.  

I call this one: "what in tarnation is the cat doing at the park?"

And this one: "I'll just eat my mum-mum and pretend this isn't happening".

But for real...Ralph needed this little field trip.  Ralph's one of those kitties that gives kitties a bad name.  He's whiny, he's picky, he considers it his God given RIGHT to ruin your Pottery Barn (okay, outlet) sofa and pee on your bath towel.  He's the type of cat that, if J weren't the saint that he is, causes those "it's me or the cat" type marital disputes.  Because you see, despite my ruined couch and my ruined towels and some days, my ruined sanity, I love my stupid cat.  So when he spends alllllll morning, and alllllll early afternoon wandering the house meowing plaintively and pawing at the doors, but his backyard rope just isn't quite the type of satisfying outdoor experience he's seeking, you put him on a leash, and you take him to the park.  And you hope and pray your neighbors don't see you, because you quite like being known as a sane person.

Now speaking of Ralph, when A was born, somebody gave us a little orange stuffed cat.  Which Anderson sweetly believes is the real Ralph.  He's SO thrilled that "Ralph" will put up with being shaken, chewed, hugged, and slobbered upon from time to time.  

And because I believe in giving credit where credit is dear husband J, at long last, completed the "TV Mounting Project That (I thought) Shall Never End".  It was a team effort (J, electrician, Ex-Roomie G, my patience, wine, AT&T when the mounted TV looked real pretty but didn't um, play TV) but it's done, and it looks marvelous.  Taaaa daaaaah!


Crystal said...

I love the second picture of A with his cat....cutest picture ever.

I didn't even give Rich the option of mounting our flat screen himself...I went straight for the installation package and despite the fact that it was outrageously overpriced for the hour they spent at my house, my TV was mounted within days of it being purchased and has yet to come crashing down in the middle of the night, which is more than I could count on if we left it to Mr. Handy (aka Rich).

Amber said...

OMG, that first photo made me spit out my diet coke, hilarious!

Did you seriously tie your cat to a tree? Too funny, and A is ridiculously cute!

LittleT said...

I only have one question - did Ralph ride to the park in the stroller or the Bjorn???

Love the pics!

Lisa said...

That is so funny! I am sure people were a little curious as to why a cat was on a leash, at the park, tied to a tree! Ha, that is too funny. Love the second pic of Anderson with the cat, too funny! :)

Anne said...

Didn't I just ask you about walking your cat and letting it outside? Weird cat lady.