Saturday, March 14, 2009

organic kitty

Seriously, Whole Foods sells everything!  Today's George.
Anderson woke up from his nap this afternoon in the sweetest of sweet baby moods.  Quiet and calm, curious, content to sit and watch as I changed his bedding, emptied the diaper genie, neatened up his room.  He'd beam up at me whenever I paused to chat or scoot him back on his blanket, just happy as a clam to hang out and watch me work.  Of course, the smiles sent me running for the camera, a few quiet Saturday afternoon shots. 
Renee, if you're reading, he LOVES that blanket you made.  For cuddling, for playing....even for eating.  Thanks!

But more often these days, my attempts to photograph A come out looking like this:
The boy's into grabbing, as any inquisitive (nearly) 6 month old is.  Cameras, kitties, car keys, hair, my nose....the list goes on.  There's nothing he doesn't want to feel with his little hands, then eat.  Kitties included.  Hey, at least they're organic!

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Anne said...

I like your reusable Whole Foods bag way better than mine. I have some stupid ones designed by Sheryl Crow, whose music I happen to despise.