Thursday, March 5, 2009

sippy cupping

I don't know how the kid who was born yesterday (right?) can be old enough to have a sippy cup, but according to the book of all things baby, it's time to start practicing the art of sippycupping.  I fully expected him to give the sippy cup his patented "mom's nuts" look and toss it to the floor, but surprisingly, A was pretty adept with the cup!  (The point here isn't actually to drink anything- just to practice the act of drinking from a cup.)  With skills like this, homeboy will be chugging Diet Coke with mommy by next week.  
Note #1: the noise you hear in the background is what a Sheltie sounds like when he tries to bark with a mouthful of jingle ball.  Then drops jingle ball into water bowl.  

Note #2: Ashley, thanks again for the adorable shirts you brought A!  I particularly love the one he's wearing in the video, but he's made a lot of use of all of them already.  Thanks, girlie!  


Crystal said...

The sad thing is that Joseph is still doing the same thing with his sippy cup at 10 months. He absolutely refuses to do anything but chew on it for the last 4 months. Ughh...I have no idea how I am supposed to chuck the bottles in 2 months.

Kaden said...

That onesie was one of my favs on Kaden too! Anderson is a champ with that sippy cup. At that age, pretty sure all Kaden did was bang it on the tray and throw it on the ground. Oh wait, he's STILL doing that but at least he takes a drink first!

Kristin said...

Anderson seems to enjoy his new cup! What a champ... By the way, everytime I see him, I just want to reach and pinch his chubby cheeks! :)