Thursday, March 26, 2009

thursday: 1, mandie: 0

The day started with A in a shopping cart, screaming and howling and going red in the face because the object of his desire (my shopping list) was off limits.  The last time I let him "hold" the shopping list, I ended up fishing pieces of paper from the inside of his gums and leaving with a little less than half of what I'd come for.  So today, no list for A.  Little man was NOT impressed, and not afraid to let me know it.  This is a new side of A, one my dear friends assure me via Facebook is par for the course by this age.  It's the "want what I want when I want it so give it to me NOW OR I'LL JUST KEEP SCREAMING LIKE THIS FOREVER" syndrome.  In a weird way, I'm semi-pleased to see the kid's got some spunk, we all know life requires a fair bit of determination....but it's frustrating to say the least when a 15 minute spin around Target for a few non-optional necessities turns into what looks a whole lot like a Supernanny commercial.  Is he to young for the naughty step?  Probably.

From there, things just continued to disintegrate.  The quick version: dog poop on the carpet, puffs spilled across the tile, an adamant refusal to nap longer than a totally ineffective 30 minutes, puke on a few not so easily washable toys, puke in my hair (hair that I washed this morning), some unidentified nastiness on the pack n' play, my frustrating ineptitude at juggling a giant mind numbing work assignment with a giant owly 6 month old, a "15 minutes, tops" conference call that dragged into a painful 40 minute idiotfest....and the grand finale- a dead bunny.

Yeah, the bunny's dead.  So much for my belief that cats and rabbits could be friends.  I don't have any hard evidence that it was Ralph who did bunny in, but the timing seems rather suspicious.  Poor, poor bunny.  

I need a vacation.  Fortunately for me, there's one on the horizon.  Tuesday.  Me, A, a Jet Blue plane headed to the left coast.  A long, relaxing birthday week in the OC with mom, dad, and Megs.  Keepin' my eyes on the prize.....


Crystal said...

I am going to e-mail you tomorrow with a couple tips I have found effective with Joseph in the grocery store.

Happy Birthday next week - my almost birthday buddy - born within 2 days of one another is pretty close. I'll be laying on the beach in Palm Beach!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

So, so jealous. I wanna go to Cali. Let's just have you swing through N'ville on your way west and I'll trade places with Mr. A on your lap and you and I will go live it up on the beach, and A and S can just chill here. I think it's a grand plan.

And yeah, the whole screaming thing....sigh. They grow out of it eventually.