Friday, April 17, 2009

7 months

Sweet Mister Anderson, 7 months old on this dark and stormy morning.  

Unbelievable how fast these months go by, how fast our dear boy is growing and changing and becoming less baby boy and more Anderson.  Each month he grows sweeter, funnier, and though it seems impossible- happier.  (And heavier.)  How lucky we are to witness this little life blooming right here in our happy home. 


Megan said...

Happy Seven Months, Anderson! He keeps getting cuter and cuter!

marlene said...

Happy 7 months--little guy. We love you! Mimi and Papaw

Cari said...

Wow, how time flies. Happy seven months Anderson (and Mama too)! He is just the happiest, sweetest baby boy! When I read this post I thought "What a pure ray of sunshine on a dark and stormy day!" The sun shines in your house everyday with that little guy around :) Miss you!

Simply Complex said...

And he's got teeth. He is doing everything faster than my babe!

Boy is he cute.