Thursday, April 9, 2009

back to reality

We're home!  Goodbyes, they're never fun.  I cried roughly 1/4 of the way to the airport.  Mom stayed strong for the both of us, and smiled with A for a sweet goodbye picture.  (Don't worry, we didn't pull a Britney and drive there like that.  We're parked.)

Despite some serious pre-boarding concerns, the flight went very well.  What serious pre-boarding concerns, you ask?  Not a mechanical failure announcement or a drunken pilot at the gate....a high school cheer team.  A blonde, squealing, matching black and gold swishy sweat suit wearing throng of at least 25.  They had the terminal's attention, that's for sure.  The menfolk were ogling (even the men beyond the appropriate age to be ogling high schoolers), the womenfolk were wondering if we were ever that thin and/or annoying.  (Yes and/or yes.)  Mister A even gawked, but I think that was more about the pom poms.  I HOPE that was more about the poms, or Mister A needs a talkin' to.  I was a cheerleader, I've got no right to judge the squealing or the poms, but man....this did not bode well for a quiet restful flight.

It was better than I thought.  Thank God for their iPods and the in-flight television.  Also thanks much to my very sweet seat neighbor, a 8th grade girl with a  new baby sister at home all too happy to hold Anderson so I could use the facilities without a baby in tow.  (Never tried it?  Don't.)  In turn, I pretended (again) to know who the Jonas Brothers are and she nodded with eager approval when my answer to her "which one do YOU think is cutest" was my "uh, well, probably the middle one".  So we flew on smoothly, flipped through Seventeen together and discussed The Hills ("who do YOU think is prettier?  LC or Audrina?"), landed safely, and heaped hugs and kisses on J upon our arrival.  I missed that guy even more than I thought.

And now, we get back in the swing of life at home.  A's sleeping like a champ, seemingly undisturbed by the time zone changes.  We hit up Target this morning and it was smiles and good behavior galore, rewarded with a bunch of bananas and a new swing for the backyard.  We even braved the 90 degree summer heat (spring apparently slipped away in our absence) for a nice long walk around the 'hood.  And I felt so loved when I spied a sign in my favorite neighbor friend's back window welcoming us home.  How cool is that?!  Oh, I must also add that my camera is here.  Look out, A, you've now got paparazzi.

Now, we look ahead to finishing out a very busy April.  We're off on our very first family road trip this weekend.  I've got lovely friends from way back when coming to see us next week.  Mister A turns 7 months.  Good times ahead.


Cari said...

We miss you!! Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. (And also glad that you had someone to hold mister A when you were in the bathroom -- Been there, not fun. Those bathrooms are tiny enough as it is...) Your blog rocks. Hope to see you again SOON!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Missed you! But between your posts and FB, I felt like I was (almost) in Cali with you. Only 5 more days until Manderson's identity is revealed! Whoo-hoo!