Thursday, April 16, 2009

a bloggy buffet

1. My hiney feels better.  It was a long night of itching and scratching and whining to J about my broken hiney, but I think I'm on the mend.  Thanks to all who expressed concern for my hiney.  I'll stop saying hiney now.


Okay, really I'm done now.

2. My friend Sara just sent me this, and I laughed so hard Griffin got nervous and left the room.  She Photoshopped this snuck Mister A out when I wasn't looking and took some proper Texas bluebonnet photos.  I bet her hiney came out unscathed (she's a native).  I'll print this for his baby book, because as I said yesterday- never again.  Look how jolly my boy looks amongst the devilbonnets!

3. My lovely North Dakotan friends arrived today, and I can already tell it's going to be one of those visits that ends much too quickly.  Funny how you can pick up right where you left off when you "left off" almost a decade back.  As Kay said, "some friendships are just meant to last".  Amen.  Of course, our sunny weather turned to crap just in time for their arrival.  Rain, rain, rain.  As much as I do love some grass-greening rain, I'd prefer some sunshine for my wintered out friends. 
4. In honor of Kay, whom Griffin has to thank for starting my Sheltie obsession with her sweet brood of Sheltie babies, a photo.  For once, Griffin braved the camera and sat pretty for me.

5. Last but most certainly not least......I TOLD you Megan and I met Chuy!  I wasn't lying!  We really did get our picture with Chelsea's Little Nugget!  A spring breaker girl took the pictures on her camera and (picture me making a surprised face) lost my email address.  Thankfully I have enough spring breaker girl experience that I had the foresight to ask for HER address as well.  She sent me this last night:

Look how tall we are!


Tabatha said...

I can't believe you met Chuy...that's so awesome!!!

daisy5819 said...

i'm so jealous that a. you met chuy and b. you say chelsea...i love her :)