Monday, April 13, 2009

easter fun

My, what a happy Easter we had.  (Despite some very loud, very persuasive protest on A's part during the late night drive to Houston.  I can't blame the kid.  If I were fast asleep and some giant people plucked me from my bed, spoke in hushed whispers, and strapped me down in a dark vehicle for hours on end, beside a dog no less- I'd protest too.)  But after that, it was smooth sailing.  And laughs and yummy food and a fun trivia Easter egg game and of course, lots and lots of pictures.  So because I'm tired, I'll keep the words to a minimum (or try to- that's never been my forte) and share our weekend in pictures.  And also say how fortunate I feel for these loving, good people in our lives.  

We played a fun trivia game.  Being the classy gal I am, I'll refrain from bragging and not tell you who won.  (::cough cough ME!  HAHAHAHA!  I WON!!  cough cough::)  No matter, because there were prizes for all the (big grown up) kids.

When the actual kid woke from his nap, someone had the funny idea that we should ALL greet him.  Ever unflappable, he smiled and laughed and acted like EVERY nap ends with a bunch of people storming his room. 

Then, Mister A was given his first car.  (Who needs a license?)  

After a quick driving lesson from his Papaw, A was ready to roll.

"FASTER PAPAW!  Don't listen to my mommy!  GO FAST!"

A quick break in the action for some family photos.

Then, right back to doin' dude things.  Like talking cars.  And eating sunhat chinstraps.

So much fun was had that even Mister A, smiler extraordinaire, was solemn as we headed home.  Thankfully he had his buddy Gronkey to keep his spirits up. 

Next up as April continues to hurtle toward May: A's 7 month-iversary, Kay & Beth's Texas visit,, probably a whole bunch of pictures.

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Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Um, and HELLO? Manderson's "hamburger" confirmed. ;)