Monday, April 20, 2009


Today, our world returns to 'real life'.  I said a tearful goodbye to Kay and Beth last night, and as I write this, they're on a northbound plane.  I hope very much that they'll be greeted in Bismarck with sunshine and springtime.  And I also hope another nine years won't go by before our next visit.  So today, it's quiet around here.  April has zoomed by with travel and holiday and special events.  And without discounting the obvious joy we get from spending time with people we love doing things we don't normally get to do....there's something very joyful about the return to our quieter days after a three week hiatus.  Our open calendar, the ability to let Mister Anderson's naps (or lack thereof) predict our schedule, the freedom to putter around Central Market discovering new delicacies, time to sit on the living room floor working on that "ma ma ma ma" thing.  Don't get me wrong- we're missing the grandmas, the grandpas, the aunties, the friends- and all the A-loving they lavished upon our boy.  Just saying it's okay to be back to this as well.

A few parting shots from last night, our girls' night out downtown.  Margaritas, a walk to the Capital, and because Austin has definitely made me weird....the bats.  Which my guests and I loved so much, we just couldn't resist the 'Keep Austin Batty' shirts.  Oh, Austin, how I love thee.  Any other city considers bats a pest control issue.  Here, we gather to celebrate and sell shirts.

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megan jodi said...

How fun to have girls night out in Austin! So happy you were able to reconnect and enjoy your time together. You all look great!