Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm living such a manly life these days.  Cars, trucks, tractor toys, superhero shirts.  This is not what I ever imagined.  I was quintessentially feminine pre-Anderson.  Clothes, hair, sparkles, all things pretty.  I owned the Girl Talk game.  I could (okay, still can) smell a mall from a mile away.  But now, I live (and love) this life where a ride in A's hand-me-down plastic car is the highlight of our afternoon, where the world stops spinning when the garbage truck rolls by, Mister A held in a trance by the noise, the motion.  Pure boyishness. 

The best and surprising part is, I don't long for dollies, for hair bows, for pinkness.  Maybe a little bit of longing for this season's delightful Baby Gap sundresses, but we've got lots of sweet baby girl friends to buy those for.  I love this boy, and I love what he loves.  Even if it means sitting in the grass, sullying my clothes, and shooting footage of the recycler truck man doing his thing.  And totally showing our recycling bin who is BOSS. Take THAT, recycling bin.
And more video, since A's godmommy asked so nicely for more A in action.
Still not exactly crawling.  He's got the back end motion down, it's his arms that won't cooperate.  Oh well.  More time to enjoy my breakable lower shelf decor.


megan jodi said...

Oh little monkey, he is turning in to such a little boy, even since the last time I saw him! He is changing so fast! So happy you are documenting every minute of it :) xoxo auntie

amy said...

Your little boy is such a cutie! I cracked up watching the video of the recycling truck...LOL!

Cari said...

The video of Anderson and the recycling truck...priceless. I wonder if they crunch the bin every time? If so, strong bins! I'll have to see if our truck has the 'death grip' next time I hear it approaching :)

Simply Complex said...

I love that first video. It is so fun to watch the wee little ones becoming fascinated by all of the new things. And his hat is awesome. Is that from Gap? We went to find a sun hat last weekend on our trip (at Wal-Mart) and the only one they had was huge. So I threw a stitch in it to make it fit- then we didnt use it cause it rained the next day. So, I am in the market for a smaller version.

p.s. Either that driver was new at the truck controls, or he was scoping you instead of paying attention...

Anne said...

(A) The baby dresses at Gap are irresitible, and I have the credit card statement to prove it. (B) Adelaide is at pretty much the exact same stage of crawling as Anderson. Soulmates.