Thursday, April 30, 2009

not about pig flu

Another day, another headless bunny.

Remember how Ralph assassinated that sweet little bunny a month ago?  His killer instinct is progressing, so any bunnies in my reading audience, consider this your warning.  It's no longer enough to kill the bunny and drag it home.  About a week ago, he started ripping the heads off of his prey.  Yes, you read that right.  He decapitates the poor little bunny and leaves its' headless carcass on my front door mat.  Tonight, because I was exhausted and starving and too lazy to cook, I ordered pizza.  Thirty minutes later...."ding dong".  Then, through the door, I hear a muffled voice.  "Um, hello?  You've got"  I open the door to find the pizza boy green at the gills, trying to warn me not to look.  I look down, and though I already know what I'm about to see, I gag and immediately lost my appetite.  Pizza Guy said "I tried to warn you!  I think your cat did it!"  Like I was going to think Pizza Guy himself had chewed bunny's head off and thrown it down there as some sort of creepy appetizer.

How gross is that?  Really gross, right?  Wanna hear the grossest part?  I can't find the heads.  I just threw up part of my pizza dinner into my throat thinking about that.  Is he eating the heads?  ::gag::  Let's move on to something less vomit inducing. 

Tonight, I handed A his first toothbrush.  He's obsessed with watching us brush our teeth.  He'll stop whatever it is he's doing (usually chewing his hands mathematics) and stare in awe.  I decided it was time to introduce him to his own dental hygiene tool.

At first, he wasn't impressed.  It's not motorized like daddy's.

But he considered it.

And decided to give it a try.  A backwards try.  But a try.

Once he figured out that the bristly part goes in his mouth, he decided this toothbrush thing was pretty fun.

What a day it's been.  From pigs to headless bunnies to tooth brushing babies.


Sara said...

Mmmm - pizza...

Love the pictures of the little guy and his toothbrush! Drew likes his, too.

katy said...

Hi! I found you through Sara's blog. Our little guy loves his toothbrush, too. And like yours -- he'll stop dead in his tracks to watch us brush our teeth. It's pretty cute!

sarah said...

LOL. Um...STOP LETTING THE CAT OUTSIDE! ;) Maybe put him in a sort of "kitty pack n play"?

LittleT said...

Just threaten ralph that he's going back on the leash until he can behave himself