Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rub a duck dub

..a boy in his (new ducky) tub.

At the end of one of those days, a ten dollar rubber ducky tub lights my little A's eyes, draws out his sweet giggles, reminds me that I have everything that truly matters.  (Including 3 puked on shirts, a flooded laundry room, and a bratty neighbor kid whose fingers I'll break one by one the next time I catch her poking my cat with a coat hanger.)  

But most importantly, most deserving of my attention: I have so much perfect love in my life.  I have the kind of life I always wanted, where yellow rubber ducky tubs define a day.


Kristin said...

Poke the brat back... :)

MBRox said...

that is the cutest bathtub i have ever seen! and could anderson be any more adorable? and yes, poke the brat back! your poor kitty!

Sara said...

Drew had that tub and we had some fun adventures with it... Glad Mr. A likes his, too!

Ditto... poke the brat back! I'm assuming she's from the gangster house?

Simply Complex said...

Um, yeah, I want that tub. Now!

So... where did you get it?