Saturday, April 18, 2009

saturday mornings

Remember Saturday mornings back then?  Before they were filled with the built up housework and mundane errands of grown-up-hood?  The Saturday mornings of kid-hood.  Stay in your PJs, spread a blanket on the living room floor, watch cartoons and eat bowl after bowl of your favorite all-sugar cereal.  At our house, the blankie on the floor was a "boat", the carpet surrounding us an ocean.  I threatened to shove my little sister off the "boat" and into the shark infested carpet-water more than once.   She kept talking during Inspector Gadget! 

With a little help from his mama, Anderson's getting the hang of this Saturdaying thing.  Blankie on the floor, favorite tractor toy at arms reach, Baby Einstein on the telly.  No Fruit Loops just yet (still working on Cheerios), nobody to shove into the ocean, and the TV time is kept to an educational, 30 minute minimum.....but it's a kid-hood Saturday morning all the same.  And it's just as fun for me this time around as it was back then.


Sara said...

I love this post. Gets me all warm and fuzzy-like.

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Oh how precious. Love this.

Lisa said...

Too cute! He is so into it! I love starting the childhood traditions I grew up with with Ellie. It's like coming full circle! :)

megan jodi said...

Just wait until you have another little one and than he, like his mama once did, can push his younger sibling into the "ocean" as well :)

Such a precious picture!