Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a swing for A

the hanging of A's first swing was a family affair.

first, J utilized a very scientific method to ensure the sufficient strength of the chosen tree limb.

it passed.

Griffin paced nervously and yipped, 
unaccustomed to 'his people' hanging from trees.

meanwhile, A entertained himself (and his mama) by...

reading a book

studying nutrition
experimenting with fashion
and being generally, ridiculously adorable

(my role in this endeavor was threefold: chief picture taker, head puff-hander-outer, and proper tree swing height consultant.)

and finally, 
the project completed, 
Mister A (and his parents) discovered the joy of a backyard swing.


Lisa said...


LittleT said...

I am jealous! Our yard is filled with trees but all of the branches are too high to hang a swing!! :( And Miss Teagan loves to swing. We might have to spring for one of those monstrous play sets just to get a measly baby swing!

I love the photo essay of the swing-hanging process!

Crystal said...

I've been wanting one of these but all the trees in our neighborhood are too high. That hasn't stopped our neighbors from literally paying people with major trucks and ladders to come and hang them for them...but that seems silly for a $25 swing. Plus, Joseph is like so over swings...if he can't walk around, its not for him. Anderson is rocking that thing though!

sarah said...

I cannot get over how freaking cute that kid is. And as your post below this said, you are very lucky. You've got all you need in that adorable, giggly, bald babe. ;)

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Swoon. I love this boy. And Seth has that same shirt. =)


Oh, that is so exciting! Claire has gotten 8 fun months out of her swing on our purchase we ever made! (Just wish we had a nice tree like y'all!)