Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's official- our house is on the market.  It's so clean I can hardly believe we live there.  The yard is freshly manicured, the deck is shining prettily with new stain and pots full of bright flowers.  If we made the house any more appealing, we'd be tempted to yank the sign from the yard and stay put.  And thanks to a quick road trip to Houston (business for J, pleasure for A and me) and my MIL sending me off to bed at 7pm, today I am well rested and refreshed for the first time in weeks.  So the trip was worth it,  despite the late night 3.5 hour drive here with two howling cats, a horrifyingly pungent mess in the cat kennel requiring us to pull off the highway and clean the kennel (while gagging and containing two angry clawing cats), a baby who cried most of the first hour, and a marital spat over why he couldn't just eat the stupid burger even if it did have cheese on it and save us the hassle of waiting another 10 minutes in a smelly car with a screaming child and screaming cat for a stupid new cheeseless burger because for shitssake, a little cheese never freaking killed anyone.   

(No, we don't normally fight over cheese OR take our cats on road trips.  But I plead exhaustion on the first count, and as for the cats, I didn't figure our house would stand out in the way we are wanting it to stand out with a headless bunny rotting for two days on the front porch.)

Anyway.  We're good.  

And A's just living the good life, 
jumping the day away.


Kaden said...

Oh the things we fight about when we're stressed! Best of luck with the house. How nice of the in-laws to take the cats--one less thing to stress about (which is going to make a world of difference during this time)!

Lisa said...

ha! one of our worst fights was after ellie was born and it started during a game of scrabble. :) (and we never even play scrabble!) good luck with the house! we are considering doing the same, but I am chicken, in case we really do sell it and i have to move with a newborn.

Sara said...

Yeah, we've had plenty of dumb fights like that. Plenty!

Glad you got some R and R. Your house does look freaking amazing - wanna come work on mine? ;)