Monday, May 11, 2009


Blech.  Pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today.  And yesterday.  Sore throat, upset stomach, a total lack of energy- too tired to even think about errand running or even getting a pedicure, which for once I had plenty of time for with my sweet MIL in town.  Napping won out over pretty toes.

Since I'm feeling uninspired and lazy and ready to zone out on the couch wrapped in blankets and eating ice cream, just a quick photo from my very lovely first Mother's Day.  My boys made me feel so special, and we spent the day relaxing at home.  No fancy brunch or shopping trip- just time together, napping and playing and marveling at how very fortunate I am to be not just a mother....I get to be this boy's Mother married to his wonderful Father.  Lucky, lucky me.
Yeah, I need highlights, I have an appointment.  Thanks for your concern.  Focus on the cute baby and cute puppy and not my sickly complexion, makeup-less face, and dark roots.


Cari said...

Happy first Mother's Day to my sweet, sweet friend :)

Sara said...

despite your roots, I for one think you look beautiful - and so very happy. And I have a mongo stash of OPI anytime you want to borrow them ;)

Candice said...

You look great. Happy Mother's Day! We are blessed to have our babies, aren't we?

Simply Complex said...

Geesh- I really hope that you are starting to feel better. Sickness stinks!

Good luck- oh yeah, ummm, you don't look pasty or worn out, or bad in any way. Just so you know.

brittany said...

you're beautiful! so shut it!