Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just your average 96 degree mid-May Wednesday.  NINETY SIX.  If this is May, I shudder to think of what August will bring.  By my approximation, probably daytime highs of 184.  (But don't take my word for it.  I'm no meteorologist and certainly no mathematician.)  Thank goodness for the three week Midwestern escape we have coming up at the end of June.  Well, A and I get three leisurely weeks up north.  J's only partaking in one week of relaxation.  Someone's got to be here to sift through all those offers we're getting on our house work.  The breezy weather is only part of the appeal.  We also get to meet THESE sweet little ones at long last (three of my best friends' babies) and spend the July 4th holiday with my family at the lake.  There's just nothing like a margarita on the screen porch, Apples to Apples with my hilarious siblings, and a late night lakeside campfire.  Even if it means assuming the risk of being eaten by a Hodag.  What's a Hodag?  Google it.  It's scary.  Or just look for pictures of A with said Hodag in six weeks or so.

Anyway, it's hot out.  Not sure how I ended up on that tangent.  Probably because my brain is fried by this NINETY SIX DEGREE HEAT.

J, A, and I made a grocery store trip this afternoon.  (After I returned from getting my hair highlighted.  Love.  It.)  While we carted 'round the store, A channeled his inner/future frat boy.  Polo shirt?  Check.  Khakis?  Check.  Baseball cap?  Check.  And of course, booze.  Not that any frat boys I know drink pink wine.  In public, at least.  (I realize this is the second photo of A with a wine bottle, and I realize it's marginally inappropriate to encourage infantile interest in the vino.  It was his idea.  And he's just too cute to deny the simple pleasure of gumming his teething gums upon the cap of a cheapo bottle of wine.  After I may or may not have wiped it down with an anti-bacterial wipe.  Maybe.)

Excuse the poor quality cell phone pictures.
My very cute boys, just being all cute and surprisingly accepting of my aisle nine photo shoot.


Simply Complex said...

Did I mention before that J looks just like his dad? I can't remember. And I don't feel like flipping back thru your posts to find the one of them together to see if I did in fact already say that. So ignore this if it is a repeat. Oh, and I know that they probably never heard that before...

A little wine never hurt anybody. What? I said a little.

Anne said...

Adelaide may or may not have gummed a wine cork two weekends ago. No judgement here!

brittany said... white/pink wine! It's the best!

mcpain said...

Well they always say teach them young. Not sure if that is true for wine though.

sarah said...

LOL at the second wine aisle photo. ;)

Thanks so much for your support over on my blog. I truly appreciate it. It really helps knowing others have been in my shoes and made it out to the "other side." :)

Erin Fae said...

Michael is obsessed with beer bottles. And when I say obsessed I mean he will all but throw himself out of my arms to get to the nearest person with a bottle of beer. I've made a mental note to not hang out with CPS employees or social workers for the next 20 1/2 years.