Saturday, May 30, 2009


I can't straighten my arms.  They're stuck in a 45 degree angle, and trying to force anything wider causes me to swear wildly in pain.  Jillian isn't joking around.  I really hope my crooked arms aren't permanent.

Anderson's currently taking the longest nap he's taken, oh, ever.  Going on 2.5 hours now.  He's a straight up 40 minute speed nap type kid.  I've snuck into his room twice just to make sure he's still breathing.  He is.  He's just very tired, I guess.  Teething and throwing a huge embarrassing fit during lunch at Jason's Deli apparently do that to a kid.  (The fit was caused by my refusal to hand over a butter knife he just had to have.  I'll give in on my car keys, my cell phone, and even paper....but knives are just out of the question.  Until he's at least a year, obviously.)

It's super hot, and I realized today when I walked out into the pressing heat and actually smiled at the feel of it that I'm getting closer to being a bona fide southerner each summer.  The first summer we were here, I thought I was going to die.  The second summer I thought I was going to die, but only because I was hauling around fifty extra pounds of baby and who-knows-what-else (yes, I said fifty, put your eyeballs back in your head).  This summer, summer three as a Texan, I'm actually enjoying the heat and the way it makes me feel like I'm on a perma-vacation somewhere tropical.  It's been above 90 every day lately and now that I got it through my head that I can't wear foundation and anything with sleeves has been put away for the next three months....well, I'm kind of digging this hotness.  We'll see if my heat loving ways continue through the 100+ degree days of mid to late summer.

Mister A got his first taste of blueberries yesterday.  He went wild- yanking the spoon, shoving the stuff that splattered off the spoon and onto the tray into his face, and just generally acting like this was the best thing he'd ever laid lips on.  

Exhibit A:

PS: Never brag about your baby's marathon nap.  A jinx if there ever was one.  Nap over.


Anne said...

I love Jason's Deli! And Adelaide loves blueberries! Word of warning: they do stain the skin if not washed off immediately.

Temperature above 90 also means you doing your hair is a waste of time.

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Love Jason's Deli. Butter knives are harmless. ;) Blueberries rock. It is NEVER okay to have the mercury rise above 80. I need Jillian to come kick my butt when you're done with her, m'kay? And....I gotcha beat wtih the sleep -- had to wake Seth up at 9:15 AND he took a 3 hour nap. Sorry. It's the hormone crash -- makes me snarky, and I wanted to rub it in. Love you! =)

One Pork Chop said...


Oh yes, anytime I brag about Anna's ---> insert amazing baby talent here <--- skills, she reverts and makes me look like a liar. A liar.


Oh, and I think giving A a knife at 1 year is totally irresponsible. That's not giving 110%. Dr. Sears says it's best to wait 'til 1 year, 1 month and 2 days before giving your child a butter knife.

And, um, being a Louisianian, I can tell you that I have NEVER gotten used to this heat and never will. When every single ounce of water is sucked from your pores as soon as you exit a building, you tend to avoid the summer heat like the plague and stay inside where God intended.


Love your blog!