Saturday, May 9, 2009

mister independent

With mobility apparently comes an appetite for more independence.  Now that he can crawl and get himself in the sitting position, he's making the connection between wanting and getting.  Want a toy, crawl to get that toy.  Want a better view from the sitting position, get a better view by sitting.  Get and want.  (I'll pause for a second to let those of you who know J and me in real life pretend to be surprised that WE would have a strong willed child.)  His 'gotta have it right now attitude' means nothing is sacred.  My cell phone, my camera, and most unfortunately for the cleanliness of our kitchen- the spoon.  I denied him the camera.  I dug out my old cell phone and tricked him into thinking it was off limits, thus making it his favorite toy EVER.  And tonight at dinner, I fought him on the spoon for awhile.  I even tried to hand him his own spoon but only the spoon in MY hand would do.  Fine.  Have at it.  I'll spend the evening scraping carrots and oatmeal off the walls.  Relaxation and catching up on my DVR list is so overrated.

If you haven't eaten dinner and would like to keep your appetite and/or don't find food smeared faces entertaining, maybe don't look at these pictures. 


Harmony said...

Ok, that last one is hilarious! He looks like a psycho baby with a weapon :) He gets cuter every day!

Simply Complex said...

That kid just kills me.

In that second one, I think he is asking if you want to share the goods with him. So- did you?

Cari said...

Ok, now you're gonna go need to get Anderson a couple of "Bumkins" bibs at BRU - stat! You rinse them off in the sink and they dry almost immediately (or you can machine wash them too), yet they're not plasticky or yucky-feeling. They'll save you so much laundry! I keep one at home and one in the diaper bag, and we've been using the same two bibs for Will since he was 6 months old. They look as new as when we got 'em, and believe me, they've seen some major messes :)

Anderson is soooo cute - I just want to hug him! We miss you guys, and I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day!

Sara said...

LOVE that little guy!! Just wait until he can crawl over the table to get what he wants whether you like it or not :) I'm sure Drew will be showing him how (along with many other devious tricks) very soon!