Friday, May 8, 2009

our house a very very very fine house.

with two cats in the yard on the deck...
Now, if only someone wanted to come see (and buy) our very very very fine house.  Day 3 on the market, no showings yet.  Plenty of drive-bys and a flier box with five fliers taken (yeah, I counted, so?) but that's the extent of our action.  It just takes one showing, one buyer, I tell myself.  And if no one appears, well, that's okay too.  We're very happy in our very fine house with our very fine neighbors and our very big Super Target across the way.  

On a slightly braggish note, I really am the luckiest wife in the whole wide world.  For no other  reason than to make me smile, my sweet J came home last night with these:

My very favorite flowers.  For our very fine house.  (Yeah, I'm annoying myself now, too.)

Anyway, isn't he the best?  Thanks, Sparky.  


LittleT said...

Question 1: Did you train your cats to sleep in lounge chairs? (and each in their own I might add!)

Question 2: What lens did you take the second picture of the cats with? I have my eye on a 50 mm f1.8 ...just wondering if that pic was taken with a similar lens (it's a great shot by the way!)

Sara said...

Good job, J!! Those tulips are beautiful!

And your back porch is beautiful. Makes me wanna hop the fence and sit on one of those comfy chairs.

And that picture of the cats is beautiful, too. Great job!

Hey, if you can annoy me with the repetition, I'll throw it right back at'cha :) mwahahaha