Friday, May 29, 2009

out, in, out

The grass is always greener on the other say the boy who wants out and the cat who wants in.  Welcome to my days.  Dog out, dog in.  Cat out, cat in.  Other cat out, other cat in.  And now that Mister A is crawling and standing and realizing there's a big bright world with parks and birds and grocery store balloons waiting for him outside these four walls, he's joining the line at the (revolving) door.

And the other kitty's not loving the whole "pulling up" thing.  The couch used to be George's safe place, out of reach from grabby little hands and their tendency of yanking instead of petting.  No more, Dubya, baby's coming to get you.


Sara said...

These are GREAT pictures :) Love the last one :)

Lisa said...

love it! :)