Monday, May 25, 2009

the problem

The problem with a relaxing vacation is, it's actually possible to get so vacationized that you become too relaxed.  So relaxed that, while sunning on the deck absorbed in the best book I've read so far this year (yes, even better than the 1,943 times I've read Brown Bear, Brown Bear), a baby's cries breaking my peaceful silence were just that...a baby, crying.  Not my baby crying, because in my very relaxed state, I nearly forgot I even had a baby.  There I sat, reading my book, ruining my skin, thinking "hmm, didn't realize any of mom and dad's neighbors have a baby at home".  Then "good gracious, somebody quiet that child!  I'm trying to read here!"  Then "hmm, that sort of sounds familiar".  Then "oh, crap, I have a baby!  That's MY baby crying!"  Whoops.  

Maybe this means that as hard as it is to peel myself and Mister A away from California and the family, it's about time to get on home.  I mean, I'm forgetting I have a baby.  If we stay much longer I'll forget my middle name or how much I hate bluebonnets.  That would be bad.  For my hiney.

And I'm also needing to get home to start The Shred.  I'm blatantly copying my good friend Sarah in her quest to look like Gillian Michaels.  Or Gillian's somewhat less manly sister with blonder hair.  That's my quest anyway, after a panicky moment earlier this week when I realized in order to take Mister A swimming, I'd have to remove my cover up.  And reveal the unbikini body underneath.  In public.  In a state where women actually look like Jessica Alba and Giselle.  Gulp.  I gritted my teeth and disrobed, because I'm a mom and we are expected to set aside our vanity for the happiness of the little people, but I sure wasn't happy about feeling so self conscious despite the baby weight being (99%) gone.  Time for some firming and toning.  Wish me luck, internet.  I hear Gillian's about to kick my ass six ways from Sunday.  

Enough about me, how's Mister A, you ask?  Super relaxed as well, despite those three minutes of crying after naptime before his mommy snapped to it.  His teeth seem to be on a break from causing him immense pain and uncharacteristic crankiness, thank goodness.  Let's hope this parlays into a nice long uninterrupted 13 hour night's sleep for the both of us.
Grandma and Grandpa took Mister A to the park.  Where he hid out in a conch shell and was apparently given some very surprising news by a dolphin.


Shannon & Jon said...

Very cute pics!

Sara said...

LOVE these pictures - especially the last one!

It's twisted and wrong, but I'm glad to have someone else to suffer with me through my pain. Drew likes to "exise" with me, but I doubt he's feeling the burn like I am.

Harmony said...

I'm thinking about doing the Shred too. Gulp.

Anderson is so freakin' cute, Mandie. I love the pics!

Cari said...

That is SO weird, I ordered the Shred from amazon on Sunday night! At least we won't be suffering alone :) I also ordered a DVD called "Jiggle-Free Arms" -- a title I find a bit embarrassing, yet states my goal quite well.

Those pics of Anderson in the green patio chair are just striking. He is absolutely adorable! Miss you guys!

One Pork Chop said...

Absolutely precious! I LOL @ the surprising news from the dolphin picture!

I saw a referral link to your blog in my stats and had to come on over. I thought you'd done away with blogging! I'm so glad to see you haven't! I'm adding you to my favorites stat!

Lisa said...

too funny! i have the exercise video, too! it does help! :) we are all slowly morphing into the very stereotypical MOM!!!!

Laura said...

Kinda late on the comments, but I'm curious what the really good book is!