Sunday, May 24, 2009

vroom vroom

His language skills are still pretty primitive, so we aren't exactly sure what Mister A was "saying" in this picture.  But we're thinking it was either "I gotta wait how many more years to drive this thing?" or "Dude, where's my car seat?"  Whatever it is he's saying, I think the little man looks pretty cool behind the wheel of Grandpa's car.
We loved our visit from our friends Cari and Jason and their super adorable little family.  However, someone needs to tell Mister A that he's not going to be a very popular boy if he gnaws on his friends.  
Thankfully W's the patient type and didn't knock A off the couch for that.
How lucky we are with friends like these.


Richard said...

are those seriousl scissor doors on the car? Please tell me yes!!!!!

Sara said...

He looks right at home in that car! Drew would be jealous of A's chance to sit in such a fast car.

Simply Complex said...

G is trying to chew on everyones face too. It is so funny that they do that!

Simply Complex said...

um, pretty sure A is going to borrow that car in the future. Red...sporty...vette. Nice.