Saturday, May 16, 2009

yes, yes you are

You are a star, Mister A.  For grinning and giggling and blowing spit bubbles through your teething pain, for trying oh-so-compliantly to choke down some lunch before deciding that no, it just wasn't happening.  (We could have done without you shoving the bowl out of my hands and onto the floor, but hey, nobody's totally perfect.)

You're also a star for straight up rocking those new pajamas of yours, the ones you chose yourself at the store yesterday.  (He really did!  I'd chosen the brown monkey set when he practically lunged out of my arms toward this lion ensemble.  I tried to put it back on the rack, but he just grinned and cooed with delight, hugging the lion shirt to his chest.  Who am I to suppress his burgeoning fashion sense?)  Finally, you're a star for the sweet duck tail puff of white blond hair sticking straight up off your head this morning.  The one so sweet I refuse to slick it down.  It works on you.

So loved, my little star.


Simply Complex said...

Oh, he made a good choice in PJ's. Me like.

Don't you love the little hairs that are o so long on the crown of little bald baby heads? I swoon for them.

P.S. I guess I will ruin the not so happy surprise by telling you that I went to 2 Targets yesterday and could not find the Ducky tub anywhere...pool section, toy section, by the sunblock... but I vow to keep lookin'. The search is on. (so, where was it in your Target?

Simply Complex said...

Um, I was standing in Target trying to send you vibes of my phone number so you could miraculously call me and inform me of where to look. Seriously. I might of had just a little bit of crazy in me during that search.