Friday, June 5, 2009


Realization #1:
I'm old.  Much to old to indulge in not one but two glasses of wine and stay up past my bedtime.  As much fun as I had talking things deep and frivolous with my good friend, I'm paying for it this Friday.  

Note to self: one glass of wine, in bed by 10, avoid an annoying mini-hangover and persistent case of the yawns the next day.

Realization #2:
Baby toys are a scam.  You see, babies don't care about toys.  Mister A flat out refused to entertain me by playing with the $15 Playskool toy we picked up at the store yesterday.  He scooted across the room for something way cooler.  A diaper box.  He's also mighty fond of the following items.

paper bags,
dog bowls,
and magazines.
Note to self: stop buying baby toys.  Continue buying paper bags, water bowls, and magazines. 

Realization #3, the most important of all: 
It feels oh-so-good to finally have a resolution to the real estate related stress I've been deliberately vague about these past few days.  I'll just say this: the sign is out of the yard, we're staying put, and I'm breathing like a normal person again (in, out, in).  I'm so much more appreciative of what we have now that I've survived three panicky days thinking we may be attacked or forced into an unwanted decision over a bunch of nonsense.  Yes, J's commute still bites.  But this is home and there's no home we'd rather call ours.  I've never been happier to hear the little creak midway up the stairs, never felt more comforted by the way the morning sun warms the floor in A's room, never wanted more to kiss the front door upon arriving home for being MINE, all MINE.  (Well, and J's too.)  

Note to self: you look crazy kissing your front door like that.


Lily Kate said...

So glad to hear your realestate drama is over! No matter where you live there will always be some kind of compromise. LOVE the videos of A-i can't wait until the kids are together!!! 3 weeks from right now and we will be the ones hanging out having a glass of wine while our kids play! Well, the wine is debatable :) but the kiddos playing is a must! Can't wait to see you and little A! XOXO

Simply Complex said...

Selling your house was that much of a nightmare, eh? At least it is over.

Um, no, we don't have that issue with baby toys around this house. G, um, only wants his toys, and wants nothing to do with outlets, cords, plush and furry doggy toys, choking on paper from mags or mail, or any of that nonsense. Maybe he can teach A some manners, cause we, um, never have that issue.

mcpain said...

Should I send money to you for a glass.

Sara said...

Those videos are too cute! I'm totally digging the one of him in the dog bowl. I was cracking up before I even played it!

Please don't say you're old. That would make me old +2, and I can't handle that today. I have PMS and am a bit emotionally fragile right now. Thankfully, I have a fantastic DDP in hand to get me through it :)