Tuesday, September 22, 2009

home again

So obviously, we're home.  I say "obviously" because I'm not boring my blog readers to tears with 85 daily photos of Anderson on the beach.  A big thanks to the three of you who stuck around!

Here's all I'm going to say about the return flight: O.M.G.

Okay, I'll also say this (unless you're new here, you know keeping things brief isn't this girl's forte): never ever ever will I fly with Mister A as a "lap child" ever again.  He gets his own seat from now on.  He was ... um ... a handful.  See the photo below?  See how nice and peaceful and oh-so-angelic he looks?  This was taken after landing.  The wheels skidded onto the Austin runway, and THEN he decided it was time for a nap.  I had to resist the urge to poke him in the eyeballs, which wasn't really all that hard since he looks so damn cute all sleepy and quiet like that.

Being home feels nice.  Leaving is never fun, but since J having a job is a good thing and living in my parents' house permanently is maybe not such a good thing, our time in California had to come to an end with the usual tearful airport goodbye.  Texas welcomed us back with the most yummy, cloudy, soggy fall weather today.  (I needed a SWEATSHIRT to go on a walk!  Later, I wore RAIN BOOTS!  And JEANS!)  To celebrate, Mister and I made the 35 mile trek to our local IKEA, where he rode in the cart happily for over an hour as I shopped and envisioned and tried to figure out what the hell 'mammut' and 'expedit' meant and why they don't just call it 'kid table' and 'shelfy table thingy'.  We may have left a trail of Puffs in our wake, but hey, mama got some major shopping done.  I'm hard at work on the Mister's new 'play room' aka, 'the room that used to be our dining room and was supposed to be my new home office but since I'm so selfless and kind I've handed it over to the little people'.  That's right, I've forfeited the battle against the kid decor.  It's okay.  A kid lives here, another kid will soon live here, and I'm just kind of over trying to pretend otherwise.  May as well give in to it and do it up right with a stylish, fun, not atrociously tacky playroom (read: no cartoon characters, clean lines, bright pastels instead of primaries).  I'm pretty excited about how the room is coming along in my head.  (I say 'in my head' because the loot is still out in my car waiting for J to come home and unload/assemble/move into place.  I'm totally playing the pregnancy card on this one.)  Photos to come.  

For now, here's A waiting in breathless anticipation to experience the Swedish wonderland.  He looks thrilled, right?  I swear, he had socks on when we left the house.  He must have eaten them while I drove, because they vanished.

I'm off to do really important things now.  Or, I'm hitting the couch to lay comatose until Melrose Place starts.  Take your pick.

*note: these are cell phone pictures.  I'm a little nutso with the picture thing (so say the album of 480 pictures I took on our one week trip), but I do not take my camera with me on airplanes or to IKEA.  Just FYI.


Lisa said...

glad you're home! Anderson is too cute. I hear you on the flights. We had a horrible flight with Ellie when she was about 18 months and I vowed to never have a baby on my lap again. But unfortunately I'll be doing it in about 3 weeks! I am NOT looking forward to it.

Sara said...

SO glad you're home!! I can't believe you made the Ikea trip with your munchkin... I'm not that brave. But then again, mine is 3 and yours is still sweet.

Tabatha said...

Welcome home!!

Cari said...

Glad you make it home safely, and sorry the plane ride was less-than-enjoyable. Hopefully when he's strapped into his own airplane seat he'll fare much better! I can attest to the fact that it is MUCH easier when they're confined in their own space. (And the overhead compartment doesn't count, as tempting as it is...)

I love the pic of A in the cart. And you had me cracking up at "Swedish Wonderland."

Brandy said...

this was also our last trip with Henrik as a lapbaby. seriously. enough said.
share your pain!

Richard said...

BIFF chastised me last night when I flipped to MP and actually wanted to watch it. I think her exact comments were "stop trying to relive your high school days" or something to that affect. Glad we see eye-to-eye on this. PS, I think I'm the only guy that reads this (and certainly responds). Hell, I'm not sure even J does.

the blantons.... said...

welcome back!! love Mr. A's little sweater!!