Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You know what I'm loving?  The way Anderbug has finally started to get into books.  For 12.5 months or so, "reading" meant I sat there blathering about brown bears and red birds while A stared blankly at me, occasionally looking down at the book to turn the page or knock it out of my hands and onto the floor.  Fun times!  But knowing the importance of reading, I kept on.

All of the sudden, he's listening!  And even cooler, he's sifting through piles of trucks and noisy toys and pulling out a book, toddling back to me with book in hand and an expectant look on his face.  As a girl who loves her books, I'm very pleased that he's showing some interest.  He can even read upside down.  Get Harvard on the line, we've got a genius!

What I'm not loving so much is the fascination with climbing everything.  I left him in the play room for 2.2 seconds to grab a Diet Coke really healthy snack and came to find him like this, all casual like we always sprawl out on tabletops in this house:

But hey, at least he took his books along!


Anne said...

(A) my child is always sitting on that exact same table, and (B) Adelaide is so happy she and her boyfriend can finally start their own book club!! First read: a lift-the-flap book.

Candace said...

He is so darling! I can't wait for my DS to get into books. He listens really well but isn't actively searching them out and handing them to me yet.

Cari said...

How great that A loves books! Will does too, and there was a loooong stretch where he preferred books way over toys. Jason and I were going to lose our minds reading the same books 15 times a day. Now Will's pretty much equally into books and toys, especially since he discovered Thomas the Train. Just wait, Thomas is coming for you too -- it's inevitable when you have a toddler boy :)

We miss you guys!!

Crystal said...

Crap! If interests in books at this age is a sign of kid's intelligence, I am screwed!!! Is he reading Tolstoy or Dickens lately?

As for gets worse, much, much worse. See our blog sometime tomorrow for our latest climbing adventures. Not good.

Brandy said...

How did I not comment on this yet??

His face while sitting on the table it classic. It looks like, "what's up Mom? I'm reading here!"