Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like ...

BABY TIME.  And Christmas, too, but after today's visit from the UPS man  ... the foyer's got "hey, you're having a baby ... again" written all over it:

Bumblebee is now the proud owner of a very girlie pack and play, and part owner of my dream double stroller, the Bumbleride Indie Twin in a very sassy shade of ruby red.  Lucky girl, that Bumblebee is.  And lucky girl, I am.  (A big huge special thanks to my awesome parents for the super cool baby gift!  A & B are going to ride in style!  Thank you, thank you!)

I must give thanks to the UPS man today for turning things around on this chilly Wednesday.  The cozy Chick-fil-a takeout lunch with my BNFF (best neighbor friend forever) also helped lift my spirits, of course, but seeing that beloved brown truck pull up and unload these two packages really kicked the cranky pants right off of me.  My day hadn't started off well.  I had a pile of work assignments making my eyes go crossed, a fetus carving out a home in my lower rib cage, and a little man who only wanted to be held and any failure on my part to comply with these demands was punishable by tears and screaming.  I dissolved into tears of my own by 9:30am, wondering what on EARTH I'd been thinking that convinced me I could handle pregnancy and a toddler.  Or a teeny weeny needy newborn and a toddler.  But leave it to the UPS man appealing to my materialistic ways to save the day with a couple of eagerly awaited packages!

So here's to you, Mister UPS Man.  Not only do you totally rock those little brown shorts of yours, even in December, but you made this SAHM's afternoon.  Even if you did wake up my kid by doing an annoying double ring of the doorbell.  Knock next time, and you'll really be my hero.


Tabatha said...

1. LOVE the new layout!!
2. A & B? Does that mean she has a name?? Squeeeeee....can't wait to find out what it is!!
4. I want a new stroller now.
5. I ♥ the UPS man, too. And the FedEx guy.

megan jodi said...

CHRISTMAS! So excited to be there with you and the boys very soon!

Just think, in only 2 more months I won't be able to say 'you and the boys' anymore!

Love you all.

Sara said...

Yay yay yay!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that J doesn't flip over the double stroller - you can build an extension onto the garage for it, right?

The Barron's said...

I think that you will be able to handle two little ones just fine! You are going to be a great mom of 2!! I'm sorry you were having a bad day... I am beginning to think, "how on earth are we going to handle two??" Awesome double stroller!!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE my Bumbleride Indie Twin!!

Crystal said...

I have nursery furntiure in my guest room. When the hell did that happen?

BTW, we had tears around here today...including me and I even had a 3 hour break this morning (Friday = nanny day). It's been one of those weeks and I was going on about 4 hours sleep last night.