Monday, December 7, 2009


Here's how you know your Monday might be a rough one.  It starts like this: wake at 2am to pee.  Wake at 3am to pee.  Wake at 4am to pee.  During this particular trip to the loo, discover way too late that there's no more toilet paper on the toilet paper roll.  (Maybe because someone pees eleventy billion times a day/night?)  It's dark.  Reach up to over-toilet cabinet and pray there's a roll of TP on the bottom (read: within reach) shelf.  No go, but you rip off your finger nail trying to open cabinet door.  And as you lumber your way out of the loo, you step on a Little People and say a few words you really shouldn't be saying before Monday has even started.  And wake up the dog.  Who nips the back of your leg as you try to hoist yourself back into bed.  

Is it Friday now?


Anne said...

My Monday started EXACTLY the same way, except I twisted my ankle on a tiny hot pink snow boot.

The Lunoff Adventures said...

This is why I keep an emergency stash of baby wipes in each bathroom. Hey, if it's good for Hannah's tushy, it's got to be good for adult tushy too! Although the last time we ran out of TP in the middle of the night and I used the baby scented wipe I had to shower as I couldn't stand smelling like baby powder.

Sara said...

Aw man... and then your neighbor drops off her noisy kid for you to take care of, too! Wishing you a quiet afternoon with lots of full tp rolls :)