Thursday, December 3, 2009

mullet house

My house has a Christmas light mullet.  

Business in the front...

Party in the back!

You see, when it comes to Christmas lighting, J's of the "keep it simple" train of thought.  White lights.  Straight lines.  Understated.  (Boring, if you ask me.)  Me?  I didn't even know tiny white lights existed until I was 20.  At my house, we were all about the old school, big colored bulbs strung round the tree, on the roof, around the door.  But J holds strong to his belief that the holiday lights, they must be white and tiny.  So this year, as has become habit by our 5th marital Christmas, I gave J his way with the front of the house.  Because he's the boss.  Because he puts the lights up and I don't really have a choice since I don't know how to put up lights.  But the back porch?  MINE!  I OWN IT.  Thanks to a little help from my ever helpful FIL, I have the lights of my childhood Christmases past strung up, down, and all around my back porch.  It's a total kitsch-fest, it's probably costing us $20 a day in electricity, and I'm pretty sure our neighbors (other than my appreciative little buddy Drew) are confused about the illumination mishmash.  But mama's happy.  


But happy.


Brandy said...

love it!
I get to color light the bushes ;)

I am finished said...

I think it looks nice

ajscd said...

LOL @ your description of "mullet" decorations. Too funny! You probably wouldn't appreciate our light decor, but I bet your hubby would! (recent post in blog w/ our holiday lights)

Crystal said...

I'm on Team J in this Christmas decoration matter. Rich said the other day "You know next year, I am thinking colored lights on the tree since Joseph will be starting to understand Christmas". I gave him a major side eye and told him "Over my dead body, my friend".

shwetaarora said...