Thursday, July 30, 2009

not so tough

I always assumed I'd be the stronger disciplinarian in this parenting partnership.  J, while certainly strong, is a bit of a pushover when it comes to the people he loves.  (That's why we saw nothing but chick flicks for the first 3 years of our courtship.  The guy never said no, so I kept dragging him to Jennifer Aniston movies.)

But now, 10.5 months into motherhood, I'm showing weakness already.  It's all the fault of those baby blue eyes.  I know he shouldn't chew on my (questionably clean) car keys, but he loves to chew on my car keys, and when I try to take them away I get the sad puppy dog eyes.  I know he really shouldn't be allowed to empty the lower refrigerator door shelves each and every time I open the refrigerator (stocked only with plastic containers after that pickle jar incident)...but it makes him giggle to throw mustard across the kitchen, and saying no...yep, sad puppy dog eyes again. 

Don't fret, I promise to be a whole lot tougher when he pokes his play date in the eyeball* or when he brings home an 'A was naughty at recess' note from his kindergarten teacher.  I'll definitely be tougher when J and I come home from a weekend away and find high school Mister A hauling a keg out of the kitchen.  I'll totally put the smack down then, no matter how adorable his big boy blue eyes are.

* unless his play date is a toy stealing brat

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 things

1) My blog has slipped into dangerously boring territory with the lack of frequency in posting and lack of substance to recent postings.  Not to mention the lack of pictures of the more adorable by the day A.  I know.  I'll try harder.  Explanation: see #2.

2) It's hot, and the heat is sucking my brains out, zombie style.

3) It's so hot that an alarming number of my fellow sweaty Austinites are reporting symptoms of SAD.  That's Seasonal Affective Disorder, typically reserved for midwesterners who've had it up to THERE with snow and staticky hair and Columbia coats.  (Hi, Midwest!  You know I love you!)  Now, SAD has packed up and moved south to afflict those of us who have had it up to HERE with $600 electric bills, hay for grass, and daily swass (if you don't know what it is, I'm not telling you).  I wouldn't say I'm in the sad SAD camp just yet, but hot damn (pun intended), if the weatherman is right and it's going to be ABOVE ONE HUNDRED for another SEVEN DAYS and then for another SEVEN DAYS after that with nary a raindrop in there for hydration, leaving me hostage inside my home with my non-heat-tolerant child....well then, I may be calling up the doc for some Lexapro.  Stat.

4) The Bachelorette.  I'm glad that's over.  Jilly's accent was grating on my last nerve and distracting from her perfectly preppy outfits, Reid getting out of a mini van with white tennies horrified me so much I almost couldn't finish my ice cream (almost), and the sad dismissal of Kippy's abs broke my heart.  And Ed?  Green shorts, mank tops, purple checkered tie, the hair, then that RING?  Ed, Ed, Ed.  Let's hope Jilly can help you in the style department before you break up on the cover of UsWeekly.  And so help me, ABC, if you choose Jake for the next Bachelor, we're so over. "Oh, gee whiz, perfect old wide eyed pressed pants honest Abe me?  Shucks."  Spare me.  I'd rather listen to Wes sing about how love don't come easy.  On repeat.  Outside.  All.  Day.  Long.

Friday, July 24, 2009

partly sunny

We've been inside all.week.long.  Inside the house, inside Target (for infant Tylenol and diapers), inside the car, inside Panera Bread (a mom's got to eat, people, and it was to-go).  So we've been inside, where A's off and on fever wouldn't be pushed even higher by the scorching summer heat.  But this afternoon, I'd pretty much had it with inside.  Mister A made it pretty clear that he concurred when he reacted to my mention of watching Baby Einstein by throwing the DVD player remote off the second story landing onto the tile floor below, then crawled over to the window and slammed his palms against the glass, chanting "ma-ba-da-ba-ma-GA-MA-MA-MA"!  (A talk for "let me out!  Now!  MAMA!  I LOVE MY MAMA!")

Anyway, so we went outside.  Our front yard offers a few shady spots in the afternoon hours, so it was only, oh, 185 degrees or so.  That's almost Ugg-worthy, really!  The bubble blowing, passing bikes and dogs, and reacquaintance with the Great Outdoors drew a few sweet smiles out of the boy. 
Lest you think this outside time was all fun and games, I give you these:

Oh well.  We take what we can get.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

and on and on it went

This week, I mean.  It's going on and on and on.  A's still cranky and rashy and waking at odd hours and having some other unsavory symptoms.  Post-Mexican-vacation symptoms, if you catch my drift.  So his mama is also cranky and waking at odd hours (along with A's very loving daddy)....but not rashy or having said other unsavory symptoms.  Just missing my typically sunshine-y boy.  Now and then the clouds will part and happy go lucky A peeks through (usually when he spies a cat or a dog or an unattended laptop computer cord), but I sure am looking forward to him feeling like himself again.  No fun to see the dude in such a state.

You know what is fun, though?  Teensy weensy baby feet.  As big as I feel like this boy is getting, there are moments where I stare at his little feet and think that he's still so....teensy.  Still has bite size little toes and a pinkie toe nail so small I have to squint to see it.  He's still a baby, after all. 

Monday, July 20, 2009

a not so happy face

Yep.  That's about how the day went.  The house is trashed, the boy has finally crashed, and I sit here finishing some work and eating chicken strips and fighting the urge to go to bed before the Bachelorette (Men Tell All) is over.  Which would be sinful.

You might say A "had a case of the Mondays".  Or you might say "OMG IS THIS TEETHING EVER GOING TO QUIT, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, JUST LEAVE MY KID ALONE FOR A WEEK OR SO, TEETH!"  If the fussiness, the nap resistance, and the miserable little mug of my clingy little man weren't enough, this afternoon he spiked a 102 degree fever.  Cue newbie mommy panic.  I've never seen him have a high fever and I immediately burst into tears.  Because I totally rock under pressure, clearly.  Then I got it together, called his pediatrician, and called my mommy for some reassurance that his brain wasn't frying or anything.  The doctor called back and (no big surprise) wants to see him tomorrow to make sure it's just the teeth.  Which I'm sure it is, but since she's the one with the fancy med school degree, she wins.  And so, it will go like this.  I'll pay our $35 copay, we'll wait for the doctor, A will poop his pants as he's known to do at the pediatrician's office, I'll weigh myself on the scale because I enjoy making myself cry, the doctor will come in and deem A healthy as a (teething) horse, and 48 hours later one of us will come down with symptoms of some bug we caught from all the sniffling little boogerfaces at the pediatrician's office.

On a much more positive note, a few minutes ago the dog started growling and I heard a strange tapping noise on the window.  So, naturally, I checked to make sure the alarm was on and grabbed the phone.  Then I's RAIN tapping on my window!  RAIN!  In Austin!  City of NoRainAndHotHotness!  I'm fighting the urge to go run circles of joy around the backyard, because I like my neighbors thinking I'm sane. 

Friday, July 17, 2009

10 months

We've hit double digits.  Yikes.  That puts us closer to the 1 year mark (and the official end of babyhood) than I'd even like to think about.  Month 9-10 was a biggie for A.  He learned SO much!  Now he waves, he kisses, he babbles, he turns the pages in the books we read.  And as of today.....he says "ma ma".  Not that he has any idea that I'm mama, he's definitely not saying it in reference to me....but it's still nice to hear something other than "da da da".

Only two more pictures to go.  As much as I'd like to plop A on the couch beside a hand made sign every 17th of the month until he graduates high school, I think month 12 will be the end of this tradition.  ::sigh::

Thursday, July 16, 2009

fun! exciting!

Being Anderson is a nonstop funfest.  Everything (minus diaper changes and bed time) is super duper exciting.  Looking out windows is exciting, the pharmacy is exciting (all those people to wave at!), empty water bottles are exciting, getting the mail is exciting, licking the tile floor is exciting.  Swinging and slow moving kitties and bathing in the big boy tub = especially exciting.

He's not the only one with a ticket to the funfest, though.  Watching this boy find joy in the little things we do every day is pretty exciting for me, too.  It's been said before and it will most certainly be said (three trillion times) again....I am so lucky to be A's mom. 

Another EXCITING thing:  Happy Birthday to Jonathan!  29 looks good on you, Sparky.  xoxo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have a walker!  Nope, Mister A hasn't taken his first solo steps.  (Psyche!)  But we did buy Mister A a walker toy that allows him to "walk" around the room.   I have a feeling real walking isn't too far off.  So not ready for to see my baby take off on foot.  Unless it means he'll also master stair walking, fridge opening, and pouring Diet Coke over ice....then I'd consider letting go a little.  I'm selfless like that.
Big News: the weather is cooling!  We're going to dip BELOW 100 by the weekend, and there's a 20% chance of RAIN!  Which means, realistically, there's an 80% chance it will remain dry as the Sahara and it will still be so hot that I need to shower twice a day.

And for those Bachelorette watchers in my reading audience (of five), I'll just say this short, spoiler-free bit: Ed!  BURN those shorts!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

home, sweltering home

We're back.  We're catching up on sleep, re-establishing schedules, slowly finishing up the pile of laundry and stashing the suitcases away for a few months, and giving lots of love to the attention deprived pet trio.  We're also hibernating in our air conditioned house, since stepping outside brings the very real risk of an immediate fiery explosion of my head.  It's THAT hot, I swear, and it makes for very long indoor-only afternoons with my active little guy.  I'm very ready to see July and August off the calendar.  

Our trip was so wonderful.  I had a great time introducing A to new people, new states, and new experiences.  Some experiences weren't so well received (as you already know).....

But other experiences, he thoroughly enjoyed and will hopefully enjoy again and again over the years....

hammock swinging with Grandma

keeping cool with freeze pops at the 4th of July parade with Grandpa
note 1: should have tried the hat on before leaving home
note 2: relax, sugar police, A's freeze pop is unopened
note 3: moments after this photo was taken, I was hit in the face by a roll of toilet paper launched off a float.  Not that I'm holding a grudge against the Rhinelander parade or anything.

dining al fresco

swinging in a park where his mom used to play with his Godmother Michelle

Since I'm lacking the brain power or energy to come up with any exciting tales to tell, I thought I'd share a very yummy recipe I tried out tonight.  I'm a sucker for guac.  Specifically, my MIL's guac.  But since I've got no MIL guac, I had to try making my own.  The recipe came from Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook, which I highly recommend for those of you with kids.  Or picky husbands.  I have one of each, so this book is a great way to sneak some nutrients into my boys.

1 cup avocado puree 
1/2 cup nonfat plain yogurt
1 tablespoon lowfat or reduced-fat mayo
1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice (I used lemon)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder

(note: I think next time I'll just mash the avocado instead of pureeing to leave a little more texture)

(EDIT: duh!  Forgot to add I also mixed in one chopped tomato.  What's guac without the 'mato?)

In a medium bowl, stir together the avocado puree, yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon or lime juice, salt, and garlic powder with a fork or wooden spoon.  If not serving immediately, lay a sheet of plastic wrap directly on the surface and press with your fingers to seal out the air.  This will keep the vivid green color from darkening.  Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 2 days, or freeze for up to 1 month.

Anyway, it was seriously yummers, simple, and fail proof for the novice cook (like me).  I had to toss the tortilla chips up to the unreachable top shelf of the pantry after "sampling" the dip with a few chips, or I'd have totally ruined the steak dinner J is grilling for us.  

Sunday, July 5, 2009

boating skills

All this fresh, cool Midwestern air must be good for A's developmental skills.  In the past few weeks he's learned some fun new things.  He now gives (sloppy wet open mouthed) kisses, waves bye-bye, says "di-di-di", and thoroughly enjoys boating with a life jacket on.

Okay, I lied about that last one.

First boat ride = fail.  It wasn't so much the boat ride itself that distressed our Mister A, but his mean law abiding mommy's insistence that his snug fitting life jacket had to remain on and buckled.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

notes from the road

1,343: highway miles logged by Mister A, his mama, and his mama's mama over the past week

700: pounds of miscellaneous clunky necessities required to travel 1,343 miles over seven days and three states with a nine month old

245: placating games of peek-a-boo played in the back seat

129: foldings and unfoldings of the pack n' play

12: beloved friends, family, and super cute babies Mister A got to meet for the first time on our trip (so far, there are even more to come this week at the lake)

2: screaming meltdowns requiring a pull over and change of pants (Mister A's pants, not my pants)

2: toilets in a yard (that one's for Peggy)

1: near death experience involving a wrong way turn onto a not-so-well marked interstate off ramp I thought was our hotel entrance

1: altercation with Wendy's window guy.  Hey- Wendy's of Alexandria, Minnesota, here's an novel idea- if you're out of forks, TELL people that when they order a salad.  Don't send the salad out with a spoon and expect me to scoop my chicken BLT salad into my mouth.  Then when we back our thang up to ask for a fork and you inform us you're fresh out of forks, don't add "but we'll have more tomorrow"!  Um, okay, cool, we'll just wait.

1: entirely unprovoked middle finger from a super chipper trucker

0: post-6:00am wake ups by our dear Mister A.  Oh, so tired.

Last but not least, 3: more special great aunties and uncles Mister A finally got to meet.  I'm so happy we got to spend some time with my uncle Vernon and aunts Karen and Peggy!