Sunday, January 24, 2010


Now all he needs is the sister ....
(And some longer pants, apparently. I swear he grows out of his pants weekly. Forget the college fund, we need to pump up the pants fund.)

We were a very effective bunch this Sunday. Started with relaxing family brunch, ran a few errands, assembled the stroller, finished up washing the first few loads of teeny tiny pink clothes and bibs and blankies, took a restful afternoon nap, neatened the house, paid bills, made a Home Depot run, filled A's sandbox with sand, groomed the dog, scrubbed every square inch of the fridge, vacuumed the vehicle, and finally, J and I collapsed at the kitchen table over plates of lasagna and garlic bread.

Phew. So much for a day of rest.

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Mandy said...

So cute!! Ahh...the double stroller, we are good friends. :)