Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, I'm here. Not hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated ... just here, listening to Tejano music blaring from the raging fiesta next door as it drowns out my DVR'd Project Runway. Thanks for your concern, though, friends and family who have emailed to make sure I'm still among the living because the blog sat without update for three days. I'm here, and I'm lacking things to say about my current state that won't be redundant or clearly obvious or just plain old whiney. I'm tired. I'm achy- my ribs, my legs, my back. I'm hot and sweaty. I weigh approximately the same as your average adolescent hippopotamus. I'm not sleeping more than an hour at a time before I'm up to barf or pee or take another antacid medication. I'm. Over. It. You know you're in a sad state of overnight affairs when you look forward to having a newborn because you'll sleep more. And I will sleep more, because surely she'll sleep longer than one measly hour at a time. And hell, even if she doesn't, at least I'll have some (cute, cuddly) company if I have to be up all night.

Here's how I'm looking these days:
Except my legs aren't really six feet long.

And Mister A? He's a champ. His fetching skills are coming along nicely. He brings me his shoes, he picks up dropped car keys, he brought me the remote yesterday so I could tune in to Oprah to watch the Palin girls. Sure, sometimes he botches an order and returns from the laundry room with a ball of dryer lint (in his mouth) instead of his shoes, but I'd say he's at about an 85% accuracy rate. Not bad. Toddlers are handy! I'm holding up my end of the deal by continuing our wagon walks and park trips, we're just moving a whole lot slower than usual since walking any faster than at a snail's pace sort of makes me feel like Bumblebee's about to fall out onto the sidewalk.

I bought him a $1 ball at the store the other day. He was fidgety in the cart and I really needed some good healthy food. (Or chili-cheese Fritos. Whatever. Don't judge.) Anyway, $1 ball = 15 minutes of peaceful aisle strolling. And he does love that ball.

And as usual, he really loves his "tikky". Kitty, tikky, same thing.

And I sure love him, as we spend these last 20 days together as "mother of one" and "only child". As miserable as I may be, I know well enough to cherish these moments before it all changes.


Tabatha said...

Anderbug is going to be such a great older brother. Hope the next 20 days go by in a flash!!

NoVaIrish said...

Enjoy these last 20 days with Anderson! And I am certain that there is a special place in heaven for the pets of toddlers.

Diana said...

WOW, you have a wonderful cat!! I wish ours would let Kacey touch her!

Crystal said...

Bwahahaha...I am laughing at people were concerned after a lack of blogging for 3 days. It's been like 3 weeks for me and no one seems to care. I have good excuses though...lots of pedi visits, lack of internet connection, sinus infection. Lots of excuses.