Thursday, January 14, 2010


The nesting bug has hit full force. I've rekindled my romance with the Oreck, I take a sick satisfaction out of lining the glasses in the cupboard just so, I find myself scrubbing countertops and cleaning toilets and de-cluttering more often than is probably normal. I can't sit down and relax in the evening until every toy is in its place and every sippy cup has been fished out from the diaper bag/under the couch/the backseat of my car, rinsed, and loaded into the dishwasher. The biggest and most exciting nesting accomplishments though, are these:

1. There's paint on Bumblebee's walls:
color: Spa by Behr

I can't exactly take credit for the 'doing' of this, but I closely supervised J as he did it. As nervous as I was about covering her walls with such a bold color, being a 'shades of beige' type for the most part, I'm LOVING it. And I think I'll love it even more when all the pieces come together. This is the most thought I've ever put into a wall color, buying four sample cans from Home Depot before finding one that struck the right balance of soothing baby retreat and dramatic girly glamour.

2. Our master bedroom, for the first time in our married lives, actually looks like a grown up bedroom and not a dumping ground for used and abused furniture/storage room/laundry collection site. There's a new mattress, new furniture, new bedding, new decor. The only downside? It's nearly impossible to peel ourselves out of the too-comfy bed in the morning, though A does his best to hurry that along with his persuasive "DA! DA! DA! DA! GAAAAAAAA!" shrieks from the next room.
wall color: builder beige, aka, too lazy to paint
huge mirror: IKEA Mongstad Mirror (a steal- $99! Go get one!)
furniture: Pottery Barn Farmhouse collection
bedding: IKEA again


The Barron's said...

WOW!!!! Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful. I can totally relate to the dumping ground of mixed furniture... that is ours! ;-) It looks gorgeous! I love the color you are painting little bumblebees room too. So exciting!!

Anne said...

Thank you for easing my mind about the cleanliness of your bedroom. We can continue to be friends now.

The Writer Chic said...

See, you didn't need me to get your bedroom done. Well done on your own, momma. And I LOVE BB's wall color!

Candace said...
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Candace said...

Hi Mandie,

I was wondering what layout you use in Blogger. Your blog always looks so neat and tidy :). I am having the hardest time with the formatting of my text and pictures. Sometimes there additional spacing that I don't want, etc.



Brandy said...

nice! I love that wall color! Your bedroom looks great too :)

lena said...

Your room looks great. Can't wait to see baby girls room when it's all finished.

LittleT said...

little bumble's room looks FAB! I can't wait to see it finished!

I am jealous of your grown up room too! Looks great as always...although there is something missing above your bed...a PBSVH perhaps??? ;)

Actually, I kid, because I love the "faith, hope, love" wall thingy

I am finished said...

Love it ALL!! Beautiful! I saved the picture of A looking up--it is our screensaver now.

megan jodi said...

Everything looks awesome! Just one question...where is my room for when I move in? Think Griffies will mind sharing his bed with me?! xoxo

Larisa said...

Oooh, I love your bedroom and LOVE that mirror. Just what a tall girl needs. And for only $99?!? Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

I love nesting - you always feel so accomplished after it all :)

Holy crap - I've been looking for a mirror exactly like that forEVER! $99? I might just make that trek myself today.

The bedroom is stunning! Great job! Except I don't see the bird pictures anywhere... I'm guessing they're on the wall you didn't photograph?

the blantons.... said...

Wow, you always have so many comments! Okay, so I love love your paint color for bumblebee's room! And I too am a mostly beige-earth- tone-color type of gal! Its scary to go out of that color box, but when you do and the result is like yours, well, then its just refreshing!

Nikki said...

Love the "faith, hope, love"
although you should know that is a (most likely unknowingly) shout out to some very critical theta values :)

Lisa said...

Looks awesome!!!

Clean while you can. Baby #2 will exhaust you to the point where you (a) are too tired to clean and (b) will be too tired to even notice your house is dirty. I'm JUST getting the Christmas decorations down. Life is crazy.

sarah said...

LOVE the color of B's room! It's gorgeous. I had planned on doing a light aqua/robin's egg blue in the nursery if it was a girl, but thought it was a bit too fem for Mr. Man. :)

Oh, and I want to move into your house. It's like a Pottery Barn catalogue--only better. Love/hate. ;)