Friday, January 1, 2010

nine hours

Nine. Nine short hours, most of those hours spent in restless sleep punctuated by firecrackers, a whimpering dog, fiery heartburn, and a screeching child. Nine whole hours we made it into 2010 before a phone call to the pediatrician's off hours line and a trip to the CVS drive through. Where I paid THREE TIMES as much for A's prescription as I would have had to pay nine hours earlier, back in 2009 when our deductible was met. Happy New Year to you, too, BCBS!

I'll bet you can guess what malady prompted this, right? If you're thinking ears, give yourself a cookie. (I'll just go ahead and give myself a stick of lowfat cheese.) Yesterday, before my very eyes, the Mister melted down from cheery to irritable to all-out miserable (think book throwing, hair pulling, foot stomping, cat tail pulling) in the time between lunch and dinner. Of course, the very obvious ear pulling sign he saved until 4:30pm, just as the pediatrician and ENT closed up for a long holiday weekend. Grrrreat. So as of this morning, he's back on antibiotics, a little medicinal "band-aid" to get us through the weekend and into the OR as soon as the ear doctor can fit him in for tubes. As much as I'm dreading the idea of my baby being knocked out and hauled into an OR, however briefly and however beneficial the outcome may be, at this point I just want it over with. For poor A's sake, for my sanity's sake, for CVS's sake. (I mean, they've got to be sick of looking at me by this point, no?)

All that aside, welcome to 2010, my friends! Though the blog of late often turns into a place to vent the challenges of everyday life as a mom, in my heart, I don't forget for one moment how absolutely fortunate J and I are to be on this amazing journey hand in hand, to raise this sweet little man through it all, to eagerly (if nervously) anticipate the arrival of his baby sister. And we do all this surrounded by a family loving and generous and caring beyond compare, so many friends who bring laughter and support and whatever else we may need, under the roof of our warm and cozy home, with good jobs and good health and good fortune. 2009 was full of so many awesome memories, so many lessons learned, so many moments where I paused and thought "wow, really? I'm this lucky? Me?" I can only hope for more of that greatness and joy in the year to come ... and I wish the same to you all. My mom holds firm to her belief that even years bring the best things (we'll just overlook the fact that two of her three children came in odd years, this particular child included). I believe her superstition. It's held true so far- marriage in '04, move to Austin in '06, meeting the Mister in '08, and Bumblebee's due arrival in '10. That's not a bad track record, so mom, I think you're on to something.

Happy New Year and lots of love from our house to yours!


Brandy said...

happy new year to you too!
i dislike deductibles too ;)

Kristin said...

I am hoping Janae is right with the year of the evens!! Even though I am an "odd" myself! Happy New Year!

Larisa said...

Poor little A. :( I hope the tubes help. Maybe 2010 will be the year of no more ear infections.

Beth@ Southern Living Naturally said...

Oh, bless his heart. And yours!

G got tubes put in when he was 13 months and lemme tell ya... those suckers are LIFESAVERS!!!! You will NOT regret getting them put in. He was so much better afterwards and we have only had one minor ear infection in almost a year since then. They are great great great.

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