Friday, January 15, 2010

ordinary day

My friend Cari sent me a link to this video. I almost didn't watch it (sorry, C!) because it's seven minutes long and I'm very, very stingy about how I disburse my oh-so-valuable nap time minutes. But wow. I'm glad I did watch, and I'm especially glad I followed her instruction to grab a tissue. This is something you moms absolutely need to watch, particularly if you ever feel like your days are lived on a hamster wheel, working and running and exhausting yourself and waking up to do the exact same thing again the next morning, a seemingly endless (and let's face it, sometimes thankless) effort. You do this motherhood job splattered in spit up and/or smeared with peanut butter, some mysterious crust on your sweatshirt sleeve. You do all those "ordinary" things as you navigate your daily routine, and they can seem so mundane, almost demeaning when the day has been particularly long. Watch this video, and you may actually cherish that crusty sleeve of yours.

Thanks, Cari, for sending this. I can always count on you to inspire me!


Beth@ Southern Living Naturally said...


That is the sweetest thing ever.

I'm so glad the kids didn't die at the end. I was worried there for a minute. WHEW.

Mandy said...

Wow - boy did that hit home with me. I have such a hard time some days with all of those ordinary things, but it is true how they are the most special times. I think I need to get that book!

the blantons.... said...

I sent this video to my sister-in-law, who is dealing with a growing adolescent...and it's been tough on her. I love this video and I might post it on my blog too, for my mommy friends. Its great, I love it!

Cari said...

You are so welcome Mandie. I'm glad you watched it, I knew you would truly appreciate it. And I totally understand being stingy with those precious nap time minutes! (But rest easy, I'd never clog up your inbox with something that wasn't totally AWESOME :)

I plan on saving the link and watching the video from time to time, to remind myself how important the 'ordinary' days are. Because it's so easy to forget.

Lisa said...

Man! Too sweet. Thanks for posting!

LT said...

I finally found time to watch this, and man, was that sad, but so true. I'm terrified of my little girl growing up (she's about 2 weeks younger than Mister A.) As mundane as some of our days seem to be, I know these years will pass too quickly. This reminded to be thankful for every minute.