Thursday, December 1, 2011

getting twiggy with it

Na na na na na nana, na na na na nana.

This post has nothing to do with Will Smith.  Or jiggyness of any sort, but just try to tell me you're not jigging around right now in your chair like it's 1998.  (You're welcome!)  What this post DOES have to do with is how I emptied the forest of twigs yesterday to, you guessed it, get mah craft on.  The kids even helped.  And by helped I do mean peddled a Spiderman "motorcycle" (aka big wheel looking bike thing) all the way out to the very far end of the road as I gathered twigs, then somehow nosedived over the handlebars and face planted in some gravel, taking out baby sister who was unfortunate enough to be in his path, so then they screamed their sad little faces off all the way home.  Leaving me to transport two screaming sad faced toddlers, one rambunctious runaway wannabe puppy, a bigass bundle of twigs, and a Spiderman "motorcycle" all the way back down the road.  It was so scenic and special, you guys!  I wasn't sweating or saying swear words in my head AT ALL!  Fa la la la effing la!

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  So I did many Christmassy things with twigs yesterday.  And some Christmassy things without twigs. The tree is still forthcoming.  We're entertaining thoughts of trekking into the woods and chopping one of our own.  Seems silly to spend $50 on something we could have for free, right?  And think of the photo ops!  And the quaint memories they'd hold!  (And the sap and frozen limbs and ER bill for the chainsaw injury!)

Anyway.  I give you Christmas in progress at our house in the woods.  With twigs aplenty.

pinterest inspiration HERE.
i added star ornaments to give it more flair.
more flair, more better.

a craft so simple i don't think it's actually a craft.
it's a 'break up twigs, throw 'em in a jar, add a votive' thing.
but oh so pretty lining the windowsills of my dining room, no?

more pinterest inspiration HERE, though i know you've already seen it.
(who hasn't?)
little hands christmas tree.
i added a button i glitter painted to act as a star.
and the littles also fingertip painted "tree lights".

my tree!
with twigs instead of my hands.
glitter spray painted the canvas, glued on twigs and bark.
and of course, some buttons for the top.
loosely based on THIS pin.
(but i like mine better.)
for teresa, who questioned my lack of glitter.
glitter rolled pillars.
with glitter stars from pottery barn about a hundred years ago.
no worries, my friends, many glittery plans in the making.


Teresa said...

I'm jealous that you have twigs, trees, and probably pinecones, too!

I'm a bit disappointed in your lack of glitter, though. A button? How can I live vicariously through a glitter button?

mandie lane said...

Ha! There's LOTS of glitter! The canvas is glittery, the big twigs are glittery, and I glittered the helloutta some pillar candles. Note to self: take pics of glittered pillars just for Teresa. :)

Jenn said...

Love your twig tree on the glitter canvas!!

Teresa said...

p.s. It's all super cute! I need some shorties so I can craft super cute things like this.

Verna said...

I'm sorry you had to carry all your children and what-not back to the house but that was so funny! You crack me up!

Monica said...

I love it all! Such twiggy inspiration! Only, I'm afraid if I decorated with those long twigs, my husband would grab them to use as kindling... *no touch!*