Wednesday, December 28, 2011

good mail

I loooooove getting the mail this time of year.  So much that it's worth trudging all the way across the yard, through the snow, uphill both ways, to see what's waiting in my frozen ice block of a mailbox.  Instead of the usual (bills, bills, bills, can you pay my telephone bills....) I find a whole lot of these:

Lovely, right?  And that's not even all of them!  I ran out of Scotch tape.  And room.  But every day, from Black Friday to Christmas Eve, we'd find these cards in our mailbox.  The kids like to stand at the patio doors and point at cute babies and cute dogs and cute friends they know by name.  And when it's all over, I save the picture cards.  For what, I don't yet know (maybe to make into books like THESE?), but I've got stacks from each year in a box in the basement for my kids to one day look over.  (Or use in the Hoarders submission tape they'll send in.  "A third cousin's Christmas card from the ancient year twenty eleven!  OH EM GEE MOM YOU'RE CRAZY!")  I don't know.  I just think Christmas cards are very special, is all I'm saying.

So with Christmas officially behind us on the calendar, my enthusiastic stalking of the mail lady dwindles some.  Okay, a lot, I barely even look up from my laptop when she pulls onto our road.  I usually just let the mail sit there until the next day when I can pick it up by car on our way off to the gym get coffee.  Yesterday, though, I went to get the mail.  I thought we might get a few straggler Christmas cards or something.  And the mailbox?  It surprised me with quite possibly the most touching piece of correspondence I've received this entire season.  I found this in my box:

You see, I didn't know what to buy MIL for Christmas this year.  Oh, I did the usual little things you do for grandmas who love their grandbabies so - pictures of the kids, a few things they made.  But MIL didn't need anything gifty that I could think of.  So I started thinking about MIL.  If there's one thing I've known about my MIL since the day I met her, it's that she's a gold-hearted giver.  She gives her time, her money, and her heart.  And recently, a lot of her time has been going to the Zion Project.  It's a faith-based organization helping young women and girls who face unspeakable hardship in Uganda.  (Go read up on that HERE.)  So this year, as a gift in MIL's name, we signed up to sponsor a girl in Uganda.  For $35 each month, we're helping to provide her with shelter, health care, food, counseling, and safety.  For $35.  Think of the miscellany we all spend $35 on each month.  Coffees?  A dinner out with friends?  A  movie date with the hubs?  Luxuries, and all the while, there are girls dying - for lack of medical care or food, or from disease or conflict.  So it's an honor, this year, to be a part of an organization using that miscellaneous cash to do good for those who need it most.

Check it out for yourself.  Do you have a little extra left over at the end of the month?  Or maybe you're looking for a last minute tax deductible donation to show the tax man?  Consider it, friends.  And if it's not this worthy organization, find another that touches your heart.  It feels good to do good.

All right.  The laundry room beckons.  As do the dishes and the suitcases and the three year old with a fake tummy ache.  I asked him what would help this "tummy ache" and he told me "maybe cookies".  Fakey faker who fakes.


Anne said...

ummm, I don't see my card. And I KNOW it got there before you ran out of Scotch tape. I'm sure that's because it's on the fridge.

Way to go, Fraziers!! Turns out you aren't as moody as I originally thought.

Anne said...

And... I just found my card. I guess I didn't think to look right smack dab in the middle. I must have a small optic nerve or something.

Candice said...

Mandie, you have the biggest heart ever. Love it!

Lacey said...

Note to self: Get the Frazier address before next Christmas! ;)

P.S. Please tell me you've seen this...